I thought I was a believer

though I felt it’s weird.

Who should I trust?

My dog – god -, for sure.


Men have become astray

and so, have I.

Should I believe myself?

But why?


Once naïve, sleeping like a log

now all is gone in distrust;

all in vain except for my dog.


She stretches her legs on my lap;

no care for little respect.

She feels secure; she knows no trap.

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Devil Door Jam

won't hook into the 

hinged hanging man

Severed every bridge 

that brought 

you back 


Your place within

are you running? 


Last night I 


for you running in tears

I was looking for APOLLLO

inthe streets of Chicago 

I was looking for you




why didn't you turn the car around


Author's Notes/Comments: 

Totaled my car 

after coming home from malibu

with my dog apollo in the front seat

I came to... after aip bag went off ..

I saw the someone had opened the passenger door and he ran

I looked for over four hours


bloodied up 

broken ribs 

and totaled car still in the middle of broadway

I had just left paradise

back in chicago no more than 10 minutes 

I totaled my car

lost my dog

I lost my path

I lost my way back

Fletching Weapons Against Mourning Doves

Animal Rights

With his initials
he carved his arrows
after them he did fletch
And then his slave
bird dog he sent
the murdered
bird to fetch.
It was a morning dove
for whose dead body
he was fletching.

He killed doves,
symbols of the Holy
Spirit and of peacemakers.
saiom shriver

Footnote: Unelected Republican Supreme Court Justice
Gorsuch, the only justice on the court or in many
decades to receive
fewer than 60 votes by senators, is a dove hunter
as is the billionaire Philip Anschutz who financed
the propaganda promotion of Gorsuch.
Gorsuch is one of the 5 males making up the pentocracy
of the antedeluvian court whose antidemocratic scotching
of the will of the vast majority of the US.


saiom shriver



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My Cousin's Dog

I used to visit my cousin’s house every weekend throughout middle school and high school, and I remember the night we were playing Xbox 360 and we heard knocks on the door. He attended, and a few minutes later he brought a tiny cage with a strange-looking border collie, her hair was white with blue and some black spots, one of her eyes was half blue and half white, the other was blue. She was a puppy, scared from the dark surrounding her except for the dim light the tv screen was projecting. My cousin then told me that he had bought her for a high sum of money, I had never seen a dog like that and would not believe how expensive it was. My cousin named her “Djoko”, he used to be a tennis player and a big fan of Novak Djokovic, the Cristiano Ronaldo of tennis. Days went by, Djoko would always be in the room with us, biting our toes while watching us play a wide range of videogames, I personally could not stand her bites, even for a puppy she had sharp and strong teeth, they even made me bleed once. We would walk her out sometimes, she needed to learn where she lived in case she ever got lost, and for us to do some muscular exercise since we would spend countless hours in the couch doing nothing productive other than gaming. Whenever a car passed by, Djoko would try to chase it, luckily though, my cousin was strong enough to hold her back with the leash, and of course he would get angry and tell her to not do that; Djoko never learnt, she was a herding dog, those that farmers use to herd sheep. Years went by, Djoko became a big, healthy pedigree dog; even while her hair fell off constantly, she always looked majestic, her barks could be heard from far away, and she was very playful, yet very aggressive towards other dogs. One sad day, Djoko was hit by a car, her front-right leg got badly injured, she had some of her skin peeled off enough to show some muscular tissue, however, she didn’t last much like that, Djoko was healthy again a few months later. When my cousin tried to breed her with a black border collie named “Pirata”, he would complain a lot about how hard it was to make her give in to Pirata, Djoko would bark and even attack him, but after a few days she finally gave in and gave birth to seven puppies, four were blue and three were black. I stopped seeing her for a while, because I had to come to Monterrey and study, but I know that if I ever visit my cousin’s house, Djoko will be there with the only puppy they kept named “Nova” who looks like Djoko, but younger. They will always be in the backyard, barking to some random  birds.

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Dog who loves nature

Dog who loves nature

(492 words)


The sun rises every morning and gives that special brightness to the magnificent tree over the hill, who spread its glow on the entire valley, filling it with beauty and life. From that point at the top of the hill, you can see how the flowers raise their heads, crowned with colorful petals, perfuming the day; you can hear the direction of the blue river go down the hill through the valley, saying hello to everyone who lives there. The grass is dancing with the air a lovely whistle song. There is a town downriver, a few miles from the hill, where many different kinds of dogs live, where Dago stands out for his leadership.

Dago is a wise dog who has many years living in the community with all his animal brothers. They all live there, peacefully and in perfect balance.


There is a big, old tree, with many branches, green leafs and as tall as the hill it sits on. It has been there for centuries, with many generations of animals revering it over the years. It is the mother of them all, the bringer of all life and their sustenance through the fruit it provides, Mother Nature they called it. They only take what they need, and return to the cycle of life when they die and feed the soil in which this tree thrives.


One day, Dago found a cat by the riverside, unconscious and in bad condition; it was strange as he never saw a cat before. His instinct told him to be cautious, but his good nature showed up and he took this new creature to his town where he nurtured him back to full health with the tree’s delicious fruit.


A few months later the cat settled by the hill and brought many of his cats friends along, they also liked the fruit very much and its rich nature allowed them to grow and spread. Over the course of a few years, they had become larger and the fruit was not enough, so they started hunting the animals like mice and ate them; they needed more water and depleted the river; they needed more houses and started cutting the trees… When they ran out of trees they went for the one over the hill… Mother Nature was in danger. She called Dago and asked him for a favor – Take these seeds, spread them with the help of your brothers over the world. They will create new ecosystems (animals and vegetation) that can sustain by themselves. However, be careful with the cats, once they realize about those new places, they will come after all of them, to satisfy their desires. So eventually that is how the rivalry of dogs and cats started.

The moral of the story is that we need to change our habits if we want to still have a world to live in, and take care about what Mother Nature give us.

G. G.


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My fur baby


My little love.

My furry one.

Such joy that I can feel.

You've snuggled right in to my heart.

I dread the day we should have to part.


Others may mock me all they wish.

I care not what they say.

Though you may to be of my flesh and blood.

Your my little one in every way.

So what if you aren't human.


There is no such thing as 'just a dog'.

Those who scoff will never understand.

Will never have the unique special bond.

The pureness of a fur babies love.

There is nothing sad in it at all.


You trust me wholeheartedly.

Love me unconditionally.

Protect me from anything.

Even the faintest of noises.

Your little eyes shining.


What would I ever do without you

How would my heart feel

My one who never judges me

I miss you even when your a room away

And love you more each day


So yes you may be a 'dog'

But its not pathetic to say

I love you as though you were created of me

Your paws a printed on my heart


And that's how it will always be

Author's Notes/Comments: 

I opened a new account and posted this but then I remembered my login for this account so i'm posting this poem on this account aswell.

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A Homeless Dog

A homeless dog,

Defying winter and fog,

Moves far and wide,

With eyes dried.


Barks when angry,

Cries when gloomy,

Wags its tail all the time,

And knows it no crime.


Dustbin is its preferred place,

Where it does enjoy its own space,

And digs up victuals to munch through,

Something that happens like a déjà vu!


For its right,

It dares to fight,

The world is its bed,

Where it sleeps at night without dread.


The dog craves for love,

By getting even a little of,

It from anybody,

It turns into a timeless devotee.


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I always thought it was impossible for a person to reincarnate but I learned that they can.

After I died, I reincarnated but I didn't come back to life as a man.

I came back to life as a dog and my wife is my owner.

Even though I'm a dog, she still gives me a boner.

I was shocked when I looked in the mirror and saw that I'm a Saint Bernard.

Some times my wife tries to date men but I chase them and I bite them hard.

When I was a Human, I had elegance and class.

But last night I bit a chunk out of a man's ass.

Certain things put me in a bad mood.

One of which is having to eat Dog Food.

Being near my wife is intoxicating and it's sure to please.

But I'm about to itch to death because of these damn fleas.

I'll stop my wife from dating men until I die, that's what I'll do.

If you ever try to date my wife, I'll take a big chunk out of you.

Author's Notes/Comments: 

This is a fictional poem.

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The Family Pet





Fourteen years ago, I was with my family on a typical Sunday night
on the highway when a man made us move aside the road and told us that he was
giving away a dog. This dog was a puppy whose breed was Springer Spaniel and
obviously me and my sisters wanted a dog more than anything in the world so my
parents accepted it. We named our puppy Annie and on the first weeks she was in
our home she caused all kind of troubles. She destroy our bathroom door and she
cried all night long, but she needed to learn to be by her own because she was
going to be a big dog and someday she was going to be on the backyard the
house. That's why we give her a teddy bear, which made her tranquilize during
the night. Months passed by and she was getting bigger and bigger so we decided
it was time to take her out, so that
s what we did.

One day when my sister and I woke up, we went downstairs and Annie was asleep on the sofa, which was very funny to me but I guess it wasn't funny in my mom's opinion. Annie was a very playful dog, she
always wanted us to play with her and her toys, her favorite was a chicken leg
that made sounds. Every time we bought her a new toy, she never wanted it and
we understood that she wouldn't accept any other that wasn't her chicken leg. Annie
was also a very strong dog but sadly that strength started to diminish. Years
ago, my family and I found out that she was getting sick and the doctors told
us that it was nothing dangerous so we believed them but it turned out that it
was actually dangerous. Another period of time passed by and she began to get
really weak and then what we all fear about, happened. She died four weeks ago
and she was near her fourteen years of life. Even though she is not physically
with me and my family, we will always have her in our hearts and in our
memories and we will always be thankful for her life and the happiness and love
she bring us. Annie was a very special dog for us and we miss her like crazy
but that's how life is, sooner or later it was going to happen and we thank God
that she stayed with us the time that she needed to stay. 




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