*All or Nothing At All*

April .12. 2005/ March .24. 2014
Trisha M Barrek Hopkins

Sweety I got the chance to embrace you as a friend 
I got the chance to share your love and romance
Baby don't get me wrong I don't want any of it to end 
You'll forever be in and apart of my innocence 
My loving friendship to you I'll always send 

But sweety lately it's either your friendship or it's your love 
You tell me 
Baby I want all or nothing at all 
I can't set one of them free
I need to have both or my heart will fall

Why is it when I find something so true
I have to always let it go 
It's so unfair and makes me so blue
How to deal I just don't know


When we lay so close together
And you kiss me so gently
I want to keep you forever
But I only hold that mentally


It's all or nothing at all
My sweet love you make me happy
I ask of God to not let either heart fall
And maybe in the future my girls can call you daddy


Keep them company
With me watch them grow 
What ever you do don't dump me 
Because it seems with you 
They really want to know 
Help them be able to see
That their love it's okay to show


Baby I'm sorry it's all or nothing at all
What are you looking for 
Together the five of us have a ball
You know where to find me 
When you are looking for more 
So for now I guess I'll set you free



Author's Notes/Comments: 

shaniya loves her mommy and nobody can change it i love mommys work


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