*How Happy You Have Made Me*

Trisha M Barrek Hopkins

Dearest kitty of mine 
The days i were blue and wore a frown 
All I had to do was go to work and i was fine 
Because you brightened up my days and I was no longer down 
You would come up to me with a purr 
And give me a kiss on my face 
And I would pet you on your soft fur 


I couldn't wait till i got to my work to see 
Such a cute little one who would greet me 
Who would be my shadow 
Until I left to go home you were sad i know 
But the next day came 
And it always was the same 
You would be there waiting for me to appear 
To play with and comfort you 
From my heart you will never disappear 
You're my best friend everyone knows that true 


How happy you have made me 
And for you I've done the same 
Tops, I will always remember that name 
In the future once again you I hope to see 
I will never forget such a special friend 
Please god let him hear me when I say Tops I love you 
And let him get the prayers I send 
He's made me so happy that I really hope he knew 



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*Shadow of You (2)*

Trisha M Barrek Hopkins
Dedicated to Tops my lil stray kitty from Tree Tops indoor/outdoor pool @ fernwood Hotel & Resort. I miss you frown emoticon

A shadow of you 
That's all I see 
I can see right through
You're still alive how can this be
This cant be true

You aren't dead
I can see you and feel your touch
Maybe it's all in my head 
Maybe it's because I miss you so much


My mind must be playing tricks on me 
I know I have to but I don't want to let go 
You're my kitty I don't want to set you free
It's the only right thing to do I know


But every time I see a shadow
I think it's you 
But turn around and no ones there
I miss your eyes 
That powerful glow
It's just not fair 


Everything I love it's taken away 
It' either hurt or stolen
And I have no say
Except that when you're not here
My heart is swollen 


A shadow of you 
Is all I have which makes me very sad 
One that is so close to my heart so true
To once have you as my pet makes me glad


I will never forget
The times when you ran to me
And on my lap you slept
Hope much I cared I hope you knew
You'll always be my favorite pet



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*To My Kitty Cat*

Trisha m. Barrek Hopkins
Dedicated to Tops from Tree Tops Pool at Fernwood Resorts 

I miss my little kitty cat 
He loves me so 
Each day he would purr and fall asleep on my lap 
The trust he has in me only i know 

Its not fair 
When i left work i had to leave him behind 
Nobody knows for him just how much i care 
A special kitty cat like him again ill never find 
My life with him i want to forever share 

My father he doesn't understand 
He doesn't know i cry at night 
Tops is not coming home is all he demands 
So the memory of my kitty cat i hold on tight 


I will never forget 
Every morning i would call and there he is to greet 
I do want to thank god that kitty and i met 
But i don't understand my kitty why couldn't i keep 


It is so hard to go on each day 
Without seeing his cute tiny face 
I hope he's safe and warm this to God i pray 
In my heart he holds a special place


No matter where i go 
I will never really forget the day i had to say good-bye 
I didn't abandon my kitty i hope God will let him alone 
And my heart still will ache and cry 


I send to my kitty cat 
All the love i can give 
He will always be my very best friend 
A happy and healthy life i hope he will live 
I want him to know I will love him beyond life's end 



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