The Whims of Rain

The raindrops so swiftly poor with a pace resembling the nature of my inner world, so random and whimsical. Each drop a dream, each tap a memory, each splash an image, and the shine of the enchanting reflection portrayed by the puddles of the sparkling water collecting on the surface reveals an intriguing sense of the intricate and subtle dynamics of this world. The feel of its touch on my skin sparkles to mind the inner callings of redemption as if to wash away the darkness of the past. The realm of its embrace upon the atmosphere of the world provides the planes on which I cast the boundless capacities of my hopes and dreams. The delicacy of its stature falls into the chaotic droplets of unpredictability, representing the infinite possibilities of countless phenomena engrained within the threads of my perception. Its repetition synchronizes and disassembles thoughts sharing the doom of this quality. The fluidity of its nature profoundly encompasses the scope of good and evil, and joins them in this supernal weep of grief and joy. The beginning touches of its generosity offer a spontaneous moment by which the differences of our ideals dissolve, and are overlooked with the universal relief of nature’s cleansing. The serenade of the rhythmic ripples of their clashing to the surface somehow dictates all the tears of sorrow of the past, as if to foretell a misfortune approaching. They narrate the tales of those whose tragedies were swept away under cloaks of fear, and expressions of idleness. They somehow display in their reflection the turmoil of passion burning wildly within the depths of our souls. The sounds of the ripples give rise to a deep awakening of the true depths the mysteries this world keeps hidden behind the rays of sunshine. The waves of its dispersion provide a piercing insight into the ultimate subjectivity of the skepticism of all concepts currently held in conviction. The resonation of the flickering of the inexplicable intuition of its scattered yet harmonious rhythm, surely diffuses one into an instigating realization not with words described, but with ecstasy felt.

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Yestderday's News

I can take no more….
Saying it with no remorse

Who has had more pain?
And please do not refrain.

Though I must say it has been fun.
When I sat in the sun.

Just want the universe to know
The hurt me is over show.

Puzzles of different emotion
Intersect with every notion.

For who did what and why
And without even so much as a sigh.

I am not a punching bag for you
This everyone knew.

Yes, GOD made me STRONG
But not to be a sad luck song.

He wants me to survive
and with every breath survive.

I am not hateful towards you
So please do not be blue.

Let us be happy we are alive
With no more tear-jerking cries.

The night is lonely already
We need not add to the recipe.

Joy wants to see the light
Of nothing more I am sure is right.

Jesus loves both and all of us
Just because, because, BECAUSE.…

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Boundless Beauty

Love Poems

With its glimmer, the essence of your eyes reveals the tales of untold passion and unbound love
With its sway, the grace of such alluring hair casts upon the world the auras of infinite light and emotion
With your smile, all sources of pounding pain are erased with an embrace daring to all forms of darkness
With your approach, the beats of my heart rhythmically resonate with the natural tendency of the universe

With your touch, a cleansing so magical redeems the worn fractions of my form with a hope shining as bright as the wildest of stars, offering vivid glimpses into the vistas of unreal heavens
With your presence, the pace of the world’s unwanted commotion fades into the threads of nothingness, and the potency of your being illuminates my world with the rays of inspiration

The sweetness of your voice kindles the fires of my lost vitality, and reincarnates the spires of my soul with the flames of life and the tears of joy
The whims of sparkles emanating throughout the endless plains stretching throughout the infinite scope of your wondrously precious eyes, enlightens me with all the beauty the exists in heaven, and in hell

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One Glance

From his eyes one glance
So brown so dark
Under his spell she put him
Their world spun around

From his lips one smile,
Skipped a beat her heart did
His spell
Right off her feet it knocked her

Just one look, one word
Out of control she flew
Her magical spell also
The heart of her soul was touched.

Pure velvet of voice
Were now drifting, her thoughts
Laughter and magic was his
So uplifting his joy

His charm, his magic
His Special ways
Would enchant her and capture her
All of her days

Her heart was now his
Her love his to keep
The power of his magic
So deeply moved her.

In here yes love so true
Out of control it sent her
His magical spell
Harp of her soul it played.

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When you Love Someone

When you love someone it's a dream come true
You respect them and give them your all
Love is like a ocean it is overflowing
It makes you happy , sometimes sad
But when you love someone it is worth it all
You do everything you can, to make them happy
Your there for themin their time of need
Without pain there is no gain
When things go wrong don't turn away
Stand up and fight for what is right
When you love someone
Nothing else matters , you protect them
You love them no matter what
It is better to be loved then never to know love
Don't be afraid open your heart
Let love in, You have a lot to lose
But a lot more to gain.

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Angels And Fairies

Angels and fairies are so beautiful
Full of grace and love
Fairies like to wander and have fun
They like to get into mischief
Angels are more serious
Even though they like fun sometimes
They watch over us, keep us from evil
Keep us from harm
They have so much color, so bright
They are so much fun to watch
Think of them laughing
As they go along
In the forrest so green
So dark and gloomy
Yet they light the way
In and out of places
Where no one else can go
Angels and Fairies.

Author's Notes/Comments: 

Angels and Fairies are fun. The colors are so bright and beautiful

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Don’t Despair, Little Bear

“Don’t despair, little bear,”

I once was told,

“Don’t despair,

For you cannot change the world.

And what you may well want to do

You’ll find gets rather old.

And all your hopes, and all your fears,

Will dwindle

Into yesteryear,

And all the lights that shine so bright

Will dull as time goes by,

And you and I

Will drift apart, we might,

And maybe we will find at night

Jjust how cold the beach ccan lie

With no-one by your side.

But we shall still remain,

And all the faces on the street

Will forever stay the same,

And both stupidity

And genius

Will laugh as they call your name.

And maybe they will cry as well,

Afraid of what’s to come,

But that’s the same for all of us,

In future sense so dumb

That we have no recourse but to

Down the occasional rum.


And though it may seem rather sad,

Cynicism can help.

And yes, it could, be a, bit mad

To preview what you gulp

To see:

Some small destruction of you and me.

Yet things are never so dramatic,

So when the scorpions scuttle

Into bedroom wallspace,

Your fervour romantic

Will not be broken,

Merely tainted

By the


Of a hero


Half-glimpsed in

A mirror someplace.


But thus you will continue to live,

And hear and see and feel

And even though

You will not know

Just what they mean to mean,

These terms shall inform your being,

And create a thing that’s real.”

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Dancing trees and Forest Sprints

Perhaps it is not wise of me,
So pardon me if I do sound odd,
I cannot control my enthusiasm,
Life is seeming queer,
Oblivion in front of me,
Chaos to my right,
Years leaping through thoughts
Back to where I’ve been,
Interesting that I had not known,
Never suppose what you acknowledge.

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Tagalog Poems

Ngumingiti nanaman ako.. nagkakabuhay ulit ang mundo,
sa panahong kelangan ko ng saya,andyan lang pala sya sa tabi ko.
Saglit lang nawala sa isip ko ang nakakadismayang nakaraan,
unti unti nanaman nabubuo ang puso ko ng di ko namamalayan..


Parang walang nangyari,nabura agad sa isipan ko,
bago na ulit ako,handa ng lakbayin ulit ang mundo.
Iba talaga kapag sya ang nandyan,isang ngiti lang ayos na,
wag ka na ulit aalis ha,bastat andyan ka ok na.


Alam ko hanggang dito lang naman tayo,di na ako naghangad ng iba,
lam ko san lugar ko,yaw kong pigilan ang sarili kong maging masaya.
Kung ikaw ang dahilan ng bawat pagngiti ko ngayon,
Pwede hayaan mo muna ako,lilipas din siguro 'to sa paglipas nga panahon.


Sige lang,ngiti pa, patuloy mo ang 'yong ginagawa,
dito lang ako,papanuorin ka,at raramdamin ang bawat saya.
Kung sa mundong panay sakit ay may isang tulad mo,
sarap ramdamin ng sakit, kung ang bawat kapalit ay ngiti na mula sayo.

Author's Notes/Comments: 

yun un eh.. fotang ina pagibig! wakokokoko

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