My Revelation (Work in Progress)

My Revelation

As I sit here typing, it cannot be more clear that for the first time in four years, I have become aware of my disassociation. This life felt unreal, it had lost all appeal. I was left yearning to be full and my anxiety, had taken over. 

I no longer cut my and carve my skin, and I consider that a win, for my life was feeling so bleak. I have eaten my emotions for the last time, it is my time to rise, I refuse to continue being weak. 

No more crying, no more excuses, the time for action is now. My loathing for existance will be drown out, and I will finally find bliss. Soon, the love of my life shall feel an altar kiss. 

This woman shine bright, much brighter than the sea. She has bright eyes and a brighter smile, she is loving and completely wild. Her red hair is long and free. She has my heart, all my love, and with her I will always be.

This woman has saved my life, she has brought me a burning light and chased away my demons. So on that day I will be grateful, I will be honest and true. The day that will be my best, is the day I say, "I do."

Author's Notes/Comments: 

Work In progress. But it's from the heart.

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