Once Upon A Midnight Dove

Just a thought!

Once upon a Midnight Dove, I sold my soul for empty love.

A gentle touch made me shiver, my body shook, my nerves quiver.


Her skin so soft with silky hair, parchment kisses melt the air.

She pressed her tender frame to mine, body waving so devine.

Passion rose in sultry hips, the sweet caress of moistened lips.

Shallow breaths quickened fast, heartbeat shutters, swift and vast.

Beads of perspiration now, a single stream runs down my brow.

Muscles clinched in violent peace, giving up in sweet release.

A moment shared in empty love...Once upon a Midnight Dove'


Author's Notes/Comments: 

"Once Upon A Midnight Dove"

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*A Baby Boy*

Summer 2000 
Trisha M. Barrek Hopkins

Wow! A bundle of joy 
Great times 
Gorgeous smiles 
You're having a baby boy 


Give the kid hugs and kisses 
Have a great time with your baby 
Soon he'll find a misses 


So share this time to talk 
To share secretes with 
Take pictures 
Because soon he'll be crawling 
Soon that'll be a myth 
Bacause soon he'll be walking 
Memories are forever 
You'll never want them to end 


A baby boy 
What are you going to name him 
Once he hits one 
He'll have lots of toys 


He will have temper tantrums 
Yes your little sweet boy 
So remember to pamper him 


Soon he'll be a big boy 
He wont be your little one 
Make sure you take him to the shore 
One day soon he'll come home with a lady 


Give him all the love 
Don't worry he'll always want more 
You're his one and only mom 
You're the one he'll adore 


A baby boy 
Thats great news 
Make sure you make a shelf 
For all his shoes 


Have fun.... 
With all the crazy times 
Because with your baby boy 
Joy will never be done 
He'll look like you 
That's not a false statement 
It'll be true 
You watch 
When he is born 
You two will be a perfect match 



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*You Are My Fire*

Trisha M. Barrek Hopkins

You are my fire
You are my joy
You are my only desire
But why do you play me like as your toy 

I'm a person not a medal to show around
I have feelings too
At first I thought it was love i found
But all this time i should of knew

Now I know
Now my feet are on the ground
The way you made me feel I'll show
This time you'll be wearing the frown
You'll be the one to cry
I'll be the one to wear the crown
And you'll be the one who'll want to die


You are my fire 
I trusted in you 
But you are just a lier
Stupid of me to think your heart was true
Now i'm going to be higher
And you'll be down and blue


You hurt my heart 
When you dissed me for your friend 
You said nothing can take us apart
I guess that was all pretend 
You really never loved me from the start
I guess I can say we're over this is the end 


You are no longer my fire my love
You are no longer sweet
You weren't the one God sent from above
This stupid game you play I will beat


You are no longer my desire my dear
You are no longer innocent
What has come true is your biggest fear
I realized to be we are not meant
And through your heart is a spear
And my love this time I haven't sent



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My White Knight

Just a thought!

This handsom man sat next to me and stared into my eyes

I felt a shiver down my spine as he breeched my inner thighs

With eyes glazed over in passionate lust, I didn't ask to stop

My lacey garment losing ground, I think I felt a drop'

As a bead of perspiration welled and trickled down my face

I silenced a little gaspy moan as my heart began to race.

My breathing now quite labored, I tightened up my lips

Trying to the contain the motion thrusting from my hips

Emerced in waves of moistened bliss, sweet tinges at a rest

I sat just for a moment with my hand across my breast

Contented there in my easy chair, this White Knight served me well...

I shall call on him tomorrow, to ring my morning bell'

Author's Notes/Comments: 

A little birdie gave me the idea...Enjoy'Tongue Out

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The Nature

Like in a wonderful dream
You can fly with the beautiful birds!
As a gifted writer you create your unrepeatable song,
Which contains many vital and remarkable words;
All about that we travel so far and so long,
And we have to be brave and we have to be strong
For in order to pass through your rapid stream.
Only You, not the kings neither majestic lords
Can provide us with the warmth of sunbeam!


You're full of endowments which we'll never possess;
Full of love, full of light, full of grace!
And although, we all strive to achieve your success,
We're destined to have second place.


With your power and might you will stay side by side,
And we ask for your fair permission
To continue here our mission,
And to have your so valuable guide.


Call the children of Earth with the pride of an eagle!
Gather them for in order to give
All the beautiful answers, which can solve any riddle;
They should know that the Nature wants us to live!




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You are near...

A gentle beam of the sun
Touches locks of your beautiful hair,
And the sudden breeze of the fresh salty air
Brings the thoughts of indescribable joy and quietness...
And it seems, that the time now has lost its usual run,
And the day has strengthened its brightness.


The sweet song of a nightingale
Flows into the peaceful and warm atmosphere,
I feel your gentle touch and we see how there
In the blue sunny sky spindrift clouds appear...
I raise the anchor in order to sail
For I know you are near...




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Take The Moment And Make It Yours


Dancing in the street

Feeling the rushing heat

Excited, like no one is seeing

Acting like a normal human being

What would you lose?

To take a moment and make it yours

No worries, no excuse

Walking through a graceful door

Live until your heart aches

From joy not from heart breaks

See the world through a different eye

Full of pleasure and delight

Like you’re in heaven’s sky...

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By: Anomynous Poet


Her words can see mine 

Magnifying their draw 

Like kindred spirits 

That call for more moments of solidarity. 

I want our surroundings 

To match her mind's might, 

In mountaneous terrains or 

Steep valleys whose vicissitudes 

Even hold the most beautiful beauty. 

I wanna get lost with you 

In every possible realm 

To explore and find ourselves together 

Experience that intensity 

That'll cause power trips into 

Different levels of consciousness but 

Don't worry I don't want to awaken from her. 

My mind wanders but it still has an embrace on her, 

My heart skips but but it won't ever race from her. 

Nature is our feul, 

You'd be surprised how much more I can say in its silence. 

We should become one with with it 

Even though we already are physically but 

Dammit that's the most common form of intimacy. 

Instead I want to caress your mind with gentle winds and 

Fight your demons with the perfect storm. 

Nature happens and is inevitable, 


So I hope that gives you something to look forward to.

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I got a deep blue sense

of romance

i tried to linger lazy

but my soul she wants to dance

you crossed my way

we got a change

to join this deep blue sense of dance

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