My Love

Gone today

Was here before

What was my joy

Walked out the door

All that I lived

Now is gone

All is lost

What once was won


Nothing left

There’s nothing more

All my dreams

Crashed on the floor

My hopes are shattered

My vision’s battered

Forsaken, bereft

There’s nothing left

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The Call

I call in the muses & the music

I call in the magic, its form in its purest

I call in the Angels & the Saints

I call out to Heavens' Pearly Gates


I hear you calling from far away

Sending me dreams thought forgotten, of yesterday

I call in the joy, I remember the pain

And suddenly I would give anything, to relive it again.

Woe begotten, still forgotten,

these precious dreams of yesterday

I feel you calling, a tug on my skin

I look in the mirror and see something within

A sparkle, a light, that gives a quick fright

Then sudden and spoken, the spell still unbroken

I see you within, calling my name.

You smile and you grin, you're always the same.


"Look UP

Look Over

Change Your Point of V




So thinking a thought, I hadn't thought before,

I felt a rush & a wind, and it opened a door.

A door filled with light, hope, sound and song

I knew in my heart, this was the place I belonged.


This was my moment, my final test.

I closed my eyes tight and took a deep breath.

Thinking my thought, I had never thought before

I held it before me, as I walked through the door.

Here I am now, in this place of calm and of light,

Wondering why it took so long, to finally get it right.


Throwing worry aside, and bitterness to the winds,

Fate guides my hand now,

                                    as new life



Author's Notes/Comments: 

Well, it's been really hard trying to get out anything that makes any sense! lol, so in the end I had to try and concentrate on one feeling, and this is what came out :) It was kind of fun though... i kept hearing it like a song in my head, and it was a little distracting, lol. Thank you everyone, for all your wonderful love and support!!

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my ode entitled attitude of grattitude


Attitude of Gratitude


I look around at western society
And the existence of quality
We are tricked into thinking
By on purpose disconnecting
From the real spirit inside
When connected, feels so alive


Check the kids out on the cover
(picture of poor kids in Laos)
So happy and so is his brother
Even though they have no toys
Or shoes, live life with joy
Have every reason to complain
On face value loads of suffering


But when you look closely at
Their lives, examine the facts
They have it better than us
In so very many directions
Deep down they know it too
Cos their soul is smiling on you


They live in amazing country
With all mother natures beauty
No pollution hits their lungs
Their life only just begun
No toxins in their food too
They lead a cleaner life than you


They got no toys, no bike too
But I’m betting fitter than you
They don't have chairs as well
Squatting for hours, not hell
And walking for an hour to school
Fitter than your kids too


That’s not hard, welded to a pc
Or a computer game probably
Sat on a comfy seat for hours
With no fresh air in their lungs
These kids dont have electricity
Don’t need it either; or a TV


Our DNA only regenerates when
It’s in a state of bliss: Heaven
When your vibrating at high frequency
This insulates you definitely
But about your DNA: No way
Regenerates unless bliss in your day


The kids in Laos life is simple
And to them, western life so mental
Though some in the east look west
Our quality of life to behest
If they realised they had it so good
They wouldn't look to our hood


And people in the west may think
Such a simple life does stink
Where’s your wide screen TV?
Everything else run on electricity
Everything designed to steal your energy
Much healthier life in the country


Thank your god for small mercies
That you have all that you need
Be grateful for what you got
And if your miserable please stop
The kids in the picture, every reason
To me miserable in all seasons


But the smiles say it all, free too
Wonder what one will look like on you
go on, try a smile right now
And to sadness please don’t cow tow
Be grateful, and also get humble
And about your life please don’t grumble


If you do I have no sympathy
Unless its cancer or ill terminally
Or your kin’s died for no reason
Then to be sad, it’s the season
Be happy quick they do not die
Waiting to see you in the next life

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my ode entitled LIVE YOUR LIFE


Live your life in a state of bliss
Exemplified by the wonder of a kiss
Don’t let the dark drag you down
A smile permanently kills any frown

Live your life full of gladness
And give the elbow to any sadness
Every cloud has a silver lining
Especially when the sun is shining

Fill your life full of glee
Then you raise your frequency
To that more suited to you
Which automatically chases away the blues

Live your life full of joy
Like a child with a new toy
Even when things don’t go right
Living with joy makes the future bright

Every minute pervade love
And give thanks to your god above
Bless everywhere you go too
Because the power of god is also in you

Every second of the day be happy
Instantly dissolves any negativity
No dark can stand any light
So be a beacon and shine bright

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My ode entitled Take Joy


Take Joy in the good and the bad
Take joy in the happy and sad
Give love to friends and enemies
Give love with regular frequency
Be happy when things go right or wrong
Be happy when a boyband murders a song

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Parents Prayer

Long are the days when a parent waits and prays
Prays for their children to live a joyful life
Prays that their days are full of enjoyment not strife
Yet here we all stand
Afraid of every woman and man
Who do we trust and how can we know
if they will be safe when we let them go?
My heart is heavy with sadness and worry
For there are dangerous people
filled with evil and fury

Author's Notes/Comments: 

The events from Dec 14, 2012 are weighing heavily on my mind and sometimes poetry helps me let it out.

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A lover

I have found stength in my pain
The answers outside of myself leave me lost
Like a fish out of water
Searching for the ocean,
That is only found within.
I want to meet a gentle soul
Whos lips are soft like a newborn kitten,
So delicate, so pure, from which flow forth words of healing
That are formed from a mind more clear than the most bluest of sky, stretching on through eternity
And concieved from a heart dilligently polished clean.
Someone clear like the finest crystal,
No secrets except for the secrets of love.
No sign of darkness, except that which soul light has shined upon.
Just light, in its widest spectrum,
Scattered across the physical, and non physical plane
When they walk into the door
When they walk into my life.
No sign of lust,
So pure.
His eyes reveal the depth of an ocean I live to drown within.
They know my souls deepest requests,
And say through slight movements
"that of which every pure soul requests, i will help you stay true to you."
Never again will you feel the grief of doing things from any other sector, but your soul.
What rings true to you?
You barely even know, he says.
That rings much truer to me.
Pure friendship.
Like swinging on the highest swing, almost touching a cloud, perfectly in synch.
Never asking for more than what I give.
Presence is the greatest present,
It is more than enough.
A feeling, a truth, more real than anything ive experienced while in this body.
An inner knowing that goes far beyond
Past, present, future.
Moments, where like a flower, you open up,
Facing the sun,
And that wholeness,
Love in all its power, shining upon you and within you,
Becomes all you know.

Author's Notes/Comments: 

true love throug the eyes of my soul. Namaste.

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Tune up your senses, to the light in your eyes
To the plains of artistic beauty, you shall arise
Burn your love, with the embers of desire
Continue to soar, ever up higher

Stimulate your senses, to the dynamics, which surround
To the boundless wonders, you stand unbound
Kindle your entity, with the energies so pure
In nature lies, the most abundant of cures

Never aim too low, or accept what is given
To higher imaginations, you must envision
Discharge the feelings, which resonate with your form
To a divine state of awareness, you must reform

The heavens are your map, to the path of your fate
So move on in your journey, to the most blessed state
Where your senses are alive, with the actions you take
When you live free and dangerous, and everything’s at stake

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Art is your tool, to the beauties which nest inside
It is the key to realization, with false faces aside
It’s fueled by the passions, of countless dreams
It is the spire of your soul, beyond what may seem

It releases the power, of creativity and the mind
Endless memories and images, it shall unwind
It is the essence of man, in his purest state
Sources of fascination, it shall create

Art is the key, to the mysteries of a split soul
The energies of the universe, you so swiftly control
It unties the knots of a confused mind, to a state supreme
Infinity of magnificence, it shall forever stream

It is the source of, all that is of worth
It awakens our spirits, through multiple rebirths
It liberates our senses, from the shackles of fears
From madness in the form, of beautiful tears

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