There's a shadow sometimes
in the back of my mind
that keeps me from seeing You clearly
but what is a shadow
but the lack of some good thing,
the missing wholeness of life?

There's a veil sometimes
before my eyes, and
I don't always see things completely
but what a hope I have
to hope in You,
who opens the eyes of the blind.

Sometimes there's a cloud or mist
that mutes the color in this world
and shadows the river in my soul
but You our my ethereal Light,
and this liberates me.

You are the source of every ray of light
and You see right through me.
Adonai, I can hide nothing from You, no not ever.
Abba, I'm just dead without Your love and grace.

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My love

A sweet sky overhead, winter over, past it’s due.
Time and again laughs follow, delighted in such victory.
Behind its wake such love and celebration,
the rose opens its first petal, the light shines through those stormy clouds.
Almost out of place, through it all and all.
My’ve come back to me.
Venus turning its gaze,
the corridors filled with whispers of promise,
the storms moves away, then spring seems to enter the fray.
It’s as though we flaunt, a revolution of change of time.
We hold our love, we hold the night in our grasp,
beautiful now, coated stars warm and loving, filled with rewards,
dance blissful under a pale moonlight, prideful in our victory
Leaving behind, leaving the hate, leaving the fear,
my’ve come back. Yes my’ve come back

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Ever Changing Eyes

Thinking on the dew of a just-born day, what today seems so vibrant, tomorrow grey?
For now the shapes they bend into figures and ornaments wrapping and surrounding me like their purpose is only to supply a place where new smiles on my face can grow. The colors, they twist and crackle, they sparkle and gleam, jumping for point to place dancing, dipping and diving all around sparking flames of brilliance not unlike the ones prayer’s followers hope to unite with.
How long can this continue on before these colors, these shapes, this myriad of dreamscapes turn from twists and bends to writhing and seizing. The colors glowing so brightly they block out the timid beauty of the sun, the tender calling of the ocean’s decadent rainbow. The shapes, like the leaves of fall, stumble and crack against the wind of time, dying out and falling just short of another beautiful cycle.
Perhaps though, in this life’s bliss less downfall, in it’s breaking and fading apart, a new ending will become far away; objects forming worlds as the tumble together from their end to an elegant new beginning. The bright whites and gleaming colors collapsing into each other so as to splinter and fracture, molding and forming just to show it’s not how bright they were, it’s how well they responded to each other. It’s not how the shapes fell together, but how with dignity they fall apart. It’s not that the sun was gone, it’s just that sometimes the singing and dancing make for a better view…

Perfect Color

Of all the Rainbows
In the Skies
Yours is the one
that's burning bright.

You're love outshines
the rest I see
To my heart and yours
this connection shall be.

You bring such joy
to my ever so dull life
and today I announce
I'm proud I'm your wife.

When you hold my hand
and I hold yours
I think of all the years
and I damn well want more.

Forever you shine
and forever you seem
to be more to me
than a simple dream.

My heart once broke
is now complete
Everything you do
NO ONE can beat.

So please keep
that smile I hold dear.
and forever will I
too over the years.

Author's Notes/Comments: 

I just thought of it. I love my husband more than he could evre comprehend, more than I can explain....he's a fantasy come's so rare to find a soul like that.

It's like having a pack mate. Once we met it's for life. Forever I will be his Wife.
I'm nto good at rhyming. but I did good this time!

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I could visit fine museums,
perusing art from every age,
or study all the greatest books,
read every word on every page.

I could travel the world over,
see every sight in every place,
or go to every track and park,
not miss a ballgame or a race.

I could explore every canyon,
every mountain, sea and lake,
or witness the greatest sunset
and watch the sun her colors make.

I could learn from the most learned
and gain the knowledge of the world,
or fight in the greatest battle
and watch the victors flag unfurled.

I could take in every wonder,
see all the world has got to see,
and never could it once compare
to when I have you close to me.

Author's Notes/Comments: 

A light but seriously heartfelt poem that I wrote very quickly...

Comments are more than appreciated

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A day so fair, with laughter rich
brings a joy as nothing else can give
with those I love, more, for whom I live
a kingdoms gold, ne'er would I switch.

For in the middle of lifes day
I watch children laugh with old grandfolks
and despite myself, at twice told jokes
a smile forms I wish would stay.

My smile all to soon does cease
as the sun sinks low and brings twilight
for to every day, and life, comes night.
Life is not owned; we only lease.

Deaths spector hides o'er every hill;
a beast that seeks but to devour
our years and days, every last hour
by means of Death's dark bitter pill.

So sadness fades my brightest day,
though I pray to trust the Father's Son,
behind every thought lurks only one:
Once only do we pass this way.

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I closed my eyes, and separated myself from everything and everyone. I left the world’s haunting commotion and its superficial duties. I dropped the meaningless thoughts of the day and let go of all attachments, which bind me to the shackles of game and work. I entered my own universe, one whose parallels are unhindered, flowing freely with the senses of my imaginations. I embarked on a formless transcendence, one whose sounds are colors, lights are dreams, objects are memories, with love in streams. I felt blended and dissolved into the horizons of the beauty portrayed before me, and I was consumed by the infinite capacities of its wonder. Thoughts became memories, images waved into ripples, sounds illuminated into flashbacks, and logic disassembled into mysticism. Pain transformed into a tingling pleasure which magnified with every stimulus resonating throughout the plains of this virtual reality. Time seemed to take the form of peaceful waves flowing to the shore. It just flowed, and carried on. It was no longer still in fear and distorted in idleness, it just moved along, with nothing but the hymns of the wind to carry it. It was kind of funny, that despite all of the fascinating phenomena being cast upon the spires of my imagination and fortress of my unconscious, there was silence. It was so deep and tranquil, so calming to chaos. Fears just began to drift with the tides, turmoil began to disassemble in the rays of sunshine. Reason took the form of nothingness, and sublime art scattered throughout the skies, just painting its realm its realm with the aspirations of my innocence, and the dreams of my desideratum.

Truly wonderful it was, as I left the chains of the world and my scars aside,
But I ought to face these challenges, so that such beauty with reality, may coincide

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Overwhelming is the divinity of the absolute beauty encompassing the light in my eyes
Cast into a realm of dispersing contemplation, by which the forms of existence coincide
Entranced with the delights of sparkling imaginations, where joy and sorrow peacefully lie
Realizing that the truth is held with a sight of keen awareness, and with wisdom to guide

Fine are the threads which cast blissfulness onto the plains which stretch in wonder
Inexplicable are the details of synchronous sublimity, by which our passions freely soar
Insatiable are the dynamic fires of our souls, which spread wildly with flames asunder
Enveloping the entities portrayed by senses with a gratitude great, but with pain nevermore

Alone in the dark, silent with my thoughts and stilled with fleeting memories and sounds
I look ahead, just more blight, I can’t see what’s ahead, I can’t feel what’s coming
Unpredictable and whimsical was the setting, walking forth towards a future confound
For there lies the beauty, in the hands of formless sequence, where I’m always rebelling, and always running

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Melancholy, Creativity, and Joy

my blood is thinning
it flows down me quite smoothly
i've had a rough time with myself today
and these clouds are inching towards the sun
moving back to the start where everything begun
when i started out of line capable of the worst
was truly a design my soul could recognize
so of course i wore it all the time

and how i go about facing the days
well i put on a certain kind of face
the kind i can guarantee
you won't know how to read
and uncertainty overwhelms his teeth
uncertainty overwhelms her teeth

creativity is the source of joy
it fills my heart with never ending joy sometimes
but i tend to underestimate what i state
and take it flawlessly with a depth i never knew
never knew it was in me or would dishearten me
so you see creativity is my source of joy
the source of creativity is melancholy

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