Monthly Archive for February 2014

Title Type Pen Name Comments Categories Date
Finding my Voice Poem metaphorist Feb 6th
Warzone Poem metaphorist Feb 6th
The Voice of Reason Poem metaphorist Feb 6th
There's A Fire Poem RoC 3 Feb 6th
Heart And Soul Poem DaveBrowder Feb 6th
Call it the Beginning Prose Chadical 1 Feb 6th
A Loss For Words Poem Miss.Jenna 5 Feb 7th
Saying Hello Poem Diamond_Wills_N... 2 Feb 7th
Regalia of Diffidence Poem TheCure242 2 Fear, shy Feb 7th
Burn Me A RoC Poem nightlight1220 4 fire, hearts, love, RoC Feb 7th
My Happy Feeling Poem FLboy555 #Happy#Love#Cute#Funny#Confession#Bliss#positive#lovely Feb 7th
Nightly Shadows Poem Ephialtes #Love #Passion #War #Fear #Abandonment #Strength Feb 7th
Standing All Alone Poem AirAm Feb 7th
Itching for words Poem FLboy555 #peace#thinking#love#itching#time#elapse#concerns#money#short#poem#maybe#rhymes Feb 7th
LUXORIOUS Poem AngryLaughter Feb 7th
No Words... Poem amywilkie 3 Feb 7th
Hole Poem shine_dark Feb 7th
Old & New Poem bishu 3 Feb 7th
part of you dies Poem Daniel-59 Feb 7th
Two sides Poem Zaz 2 Feb 7th
PROGRESS: THE PHONE Poem joy 1 Feb 7th
Men of means who reap where they haven't sown Poem meso 2 Feb 7th
I am Poem Christina16 Feb 7th
MY STUPID PELVIC BONE Poem Sunmaiden 3 Feb 7th
THE PROSTITUTE Poem Sunmaiden 3 Feb 7th
how to suicide Poem emdiemey #suicide #death Feb 7th
‘Happiness lies in that which never goes but simply is’ Poem running_with_rabbits 6 Feb 7th
Long-wave energy gets trapped in the clouds Poem running_with_rabbits 2 Feb 7th
You get off the hook so easy Poem running_with_rabbits Feb 7th
Romantic Genocide Poem running_with_rabbits 8 Feb 7th
Alaska is warmer than KW this winter Poem running_with_rabbits 2 Feb 7th
PAYING HOMAGE Poem Sunmaiden Feb 7th
6 - 7 February 2014 Poem shawon1982 Feb 7th
Burning Poem Christina16 Feb 7th
In Passing Poem Bleu-Beat Feb 7th
Rent... Poem Atramentous Feb 7th
PART OF THE RIVER Poem chris Feb 7th
TEACHER AIDE Poem chris Feb 7th
BOY MEETS GIRL Poem chris Feb 7th
CHILDREN Poem chris Feb 7th
SEND ME A SIGN Poem chris Feb 7th
Come to me Poem Adam아담 2 Feb 7th
Dead Inside Poem BrokenAisling #alone #depression #sad #lonely #pain #tears #upset#secret #suicide Feb 8th
The Knowing Poem incandescentangel 1 #secrets #pain Feb 8th
A Million Memories Poem incandescentangel 1 #memories #love #nostalgia Feb 8th
Your own beautiful understanding of it. Poem SSmoothie 2 Feb 8th
Olipon sa Gugmang Giatay Poem marvin1983 OGG Feb 8th
wishes are just wishes, nothing with power Poem lovingdaisys Feb 8th
When I Came Back Poem humanpulse 3 Feb 8th
journey far with love so close Poem lovingdaisys Feb 8th
A man for others Poem willow 2 Feb 8th
Today Poem willow Feb 8th
Reconnect Poem AngelofDarkness Feb 8th
Through The Years Poem nightlight1220 4 # relationships # long-term relationships # sexual relationships # romance # love # forever Feb 8th
Aldrig Vila Poem MzMidnite Feb 8th
Memories, Spirits, and Valentine's Day Poem eternalpoet1389 2 Spirituality Feb 8th
as if you know... Poem SSmoothie 2 Feb 8th
Move Me Poem nightlight1220 2 love Feb 8th
Untangle Me Poem nightlight1220 3 # addiction #recovery #life #need #disappoint Feb 8th
(Untitled) Poem Sky-Writer 5 Feb 8th
Candy Hearts And Puppy Love Poem nightlight1220 4 paper heart Feb 8th
Solitary ( a poem written at the age of 12ish) Poem SSmoothie 3 Feb 8th
The Masterpiece Poem nightlight1220 death, denial, loss, Pain, Tragedy Feb 8th
My Wish (For These Olympics) Poem LittleLennonGurl Feb 8th
What I Don't Want To See Ever Again Poem EdwardBenz27Times Feb 8th
abandoned Poem nightlight1220 1 Feb 8th
divorce is a four letter word to a child Poem nightlight1220 1 Divorce Feb 8th
The Crow Poem LittleLennonGurl Feb 8th
Victims, Aren't We All Poem LittleLennonGurl Feb 8th
Tell Me.. Poem LittleLennonGurl Feb 8th
TACITURN Poem pbenarumairaj 4 One needs to maintain his composure and be naturally silent so as to go through his course of life successfully Feb 8th
Pain in me Poem Christina16 Feb 8th
8 February 2014 Poem shawon1982 Feb 8th
Pain strikes Poem Christina16 Feb 8th
Moving On Poem nightlight1220 4 love Feb 8th
BARNYARD SERENADE Poem Sunmaiden Feb 8th
Hawkeye Drunk Poem Chadical Feb 8th
ROAD WORTHY Poem moxie Feb 8th
A Black Star in the Night Sky Poem TheLightningSpe... Feb 8th
Monstrous Assumptions Poem TheLightningSpe... Epics, monsters, Steelheart Feb 8th
Limelight Poem TheLightningSpe... attention, Limelight, spotlight, Steelheart Feb 8th
Only Dogs Should Hear Poem TheLightningSpe... complaining, whining Feb 8th
The World Ends Poem TheLightningSpe... embarrassment Feb 8th
Pollution Poem TheLightningSpe... contamination, inappropriate, pollution Feb 8th
We have and always will exist at zero Poem running_with_rabbits 12 Feb 8th
FEEDING THE POOR Poem Layem Sharing Feb 8th
Do you think that you would miss me? Prose annasmith7813 #death #depression #suicide Feb 8th
Skeptical emotion Poem anneesor.magbanua Feb 9th
Grace During Trials Poem trumpet7 Feb 9th
Sonnet Number One Poem itsthesmallthings love, War Feb 9th
Freedom Poem Mira 2 A spiritual poem Feb 9th
Should Have Been Me Poem Beyond_Words # relationships #alone #depression #sad #lonely #pain #tears #waiting Feb 9th
I Was Just Leaving Poem Beyond_Words 2 angry Feb 9th
Tears And Tipped Glasses Poem Beyond_Words 3 apathy sadness depression loss life Feb 9th
10 Sins Poem death754 3 Feb 9th
The life of me and Death Poem death754 1 Feb 9th
my friend Poem death754 Feb 9th
Screw Normal Poem LittleLennonGurl Feb 9th
Stop Procastinating Poem LittleLennonGurl 1 Feb 9th
I Love You Poem jazzie_06 6 #love #inlove Feb 9th
Follow Your True path Poem LittleLennonGurl Feb 9th
I should have told you / Ich hätte dich Poem JustMeAgain Beauty, love, missed opportunity, regret, should have Feb 9th
BRING HIM HOME. Poem Dadio death, HOME, MORGUE, son Feb 9th
DEBUNK Poem pbenarumairaj What one believes is not believed by others Feb 9th
FREEDOMS Poem joy Feb 9th
I WONDER Poem Sunmaiden Feb 9th
WHEN ROSE'S BLOOM IN WINTER Poem Sunmaiden 1 Feb 9th
NOTHING Poem chris Feb 9th
SOLDIER BOY Poem Sunmaiden Feb 9th
Depression In The World Poem nightlight1220 1 Feb 9th
Rainbow of all churches and religions with my drawing Poem Dimitriand Feb 9th
some point of view Poem craigyw 1 Feb 9th
Tedious Is Just A Vehicle Poem nightlight1220 1 Struggles Feb 9th
The Polluted Pathway Poem a.griffiths57 2 dog and paper litter, mess, pollution of enviroment. Feb 9th
Open A Door, Open Life's Eye Poem nightlight1220 2 Feb 9th
Temptation Poem darkpool 1 Feb 9th
A Disappointment Poem IndianDisappointment asian, fml, indian, probs Feb 9th
Sharing Hearts And Valentines Poem nightlight1220 1 valentines Feb 9th
9 February 2014 Poem shawon1982 Feb 9th
Grow Poem nightlight1220 4 Feb 9th
peace Poem Christina16 Feb 9th
The Way Poem Le'Vasseur 2 Feb 9th
A Winter Dream Poem AlwaysAdieu 2 Feb 9th
Never Ask. Poem AlwaysAdieu Feb 9th
Castle In The Sky Poem RoC Feb 9th
I Hear America Singing Poem AlwaysAdieu 2 Feb 9th
Path to Kingdom Poem cevance 4 death Feb 9th
RESILENT Prose chris 1 Feb 9th
My Thoughts Poem death754 Feb 10th
Apparition Poem christan 5 ghost apparition gloom help addiction freeverse Feb 10th
I AM a Dreamer Poem death754 1 Feb 10th
The Night Below The Sky Poem death754 Feb 10th
Do you believe Poem joshie #believe #fairytales #hope #terminally_infinite Feb 10th
Mysterious You Poem AirAm Feb 10th
A guy like you Poem AirAm Feb 10th
When I think of you Poem AirAm Feb 10th
Selfless Life Poem nightlight1220 selfless Feb 10th
Evil Twins Poem poemwriter17 Feb 10th
The Walking Dead Poem PeterChristophe... 7 Feb 10th
Your Sweet Tender Smile Poem PeterChristophe... 14 Feb 10th
Time To Listen To Ourselves (Over The Bullshit We Are Told) Poem LittleLennonGurl Feb 10th
Those Who Know Exactly Who They Are (I Applaud You) Poem LittleLennonGurl Feb 10th
WALK AWAY Poem liltigg10 Feb 10th
I GAVE IT TO YOU Poem liltigg10 Feb 10th
Keep Fighting Poem LittleLennonGurl Feb 10th
Maybe I could, but I can't Poem annasmith7813 #hurt #letter #unresolved Feb 10th
Shut up !! Poem bishu 16 Feb 10th
In the Moon-lit Shadows Poem roseblossoms Feb 10th
Fantasies Poem jazzie_06 2 #love #OneDirection #Dreams #Hopes Feb 10th
Death of a Star Poem roseblossoms 2 Feb 10th
Just Saying Poem LittleLennonGurl Feb 10th
A Hate Crime Is Always A Hate Crime Poem LittleLennonGurl Feb 10th
THE BEAUTY OF BOOKS Poem joy Feb 10th
Real Righteousness Poem trumpet7 Feb 10th
Progressive Sanctification Poem trumpet7 Feb 10th
10 February 2014 Poem shawon1982 Feb 10th
Beaches Poem joshie beaches Feb 10th
Butterfly Poem joshie #butterflies Feb 10th
I'm sleeping and i'm dreaming. Poem joshie dead scary dark fear graves death Feb 10th
He Asked Me What was Wrong Poem Chadical Feb 10th
Home in a Strange place Poem Le'Vasseur Feb 10th
FANCY PANT'S Poem Sunmaiden Feb 10th
Laughter helps the heart heal Poem schmuckjones 4 Feb 10th
God's hand Poem neptriton Feb 10th
"I Want It All, I Want It Now, And I Want More" Prose nightlight1220 4 Contentment Feb 10th
MY CAT RAN AWAY Poem chris 1 Feb 11th
Tick Tock Poem jaela Feb 11th
# 41 Poem cxseals1337 Feb 11th
Selfsame Shore Poem darkpool 1 Feb 11th
Foolish Beat Poem ramonathompsont Feb 11th
By Your Side Poem abbiespoetry 1 friends, love, relationship Feb 11th
Favorite Song Poem Aloris 1 realization, Reflection, standards Feb 11th
11 February 2014 Poem shawon1982 Feb 11th
Backward Poem Poem abbiespoetry Amazing, backward, God Feb 11th
old photo blues Poem redpyramid9000 Feb 11th
The Only Smile Poem Silver__lining Feb 11th
We Need To Build Up (Not Knock Down) Poem LittleLennonGurl Feb 11th
In That Glance Poem Silver__lining Feb 11th
Another Goodbye Poem Silver__lining Feb 11th
Not My Drug, My Soul Mate Poem Silver__lining Feb 11th
No Need, It Is Love Poem Silver__lining Feb 11th
I Remember Poem Silver__lining Feb 11th
One Day You'll Decide Poem Silver__lining Feb 11th
Always Stay The Spark Poem Silver__lining Feb 11th
Open Book Poem hepburn #ego #problems #life #boys #confidence #truth #strength #teen Feb 11th
Bitter winters Heart Poem Anonymous Feb 11th
Damaged Goods (Aren't We All) Poem LittleLennonGurl Feb 11th
IF I Poem liltigg10 DEATH OF A BABY Feb 11th
Brightest Stone Poem silverengold Feb 11th
ROUTINES Poem joy Feb 11th
Valentine Poem a.griffiths57 4 # addiction # love # passion Feb 11th
What makes us human? Poem LightDream Feb 11th
release Poem lovingdaisys Feb 11th
Life(part 3) Poem joshie Feb 11th
Love(part 2) Poem joshie love hate Feb 11th
why Poem alone 6 Feb 11th
THOSE OLD SWEET SOUL'S Poem Sunmaiden Feb 11th
MY MOTHER WAS A FLAPPER Poem Sunmaiden 1 Feb 11th
Wrestle Poem ThomasPembrookGan Feb 11th
TELL ME, FATHER Poem Sunmaiden Feb 11th
A Day of Love Poem workm 5 Feb 11th
my nightmare Poem Christina16 1 Feb 11th
Speed Limit Poem Diamond_Wills_N... 2 Feb 11th
That Unspoken Bond, Only Seen Through Our Eyes Poem roboam33 3 Feb 11th
and not sure if this goes here Prose martal_arts Feb 11th
Fuck You Poem Mikaykay Anger upset sadness Feb 12th
Regret me or not, I'm yours. Poem boardergirl 3 #sad #alone #regret #hope #change #future Feb 12th
Dracmas XLIX Poem dblackthorne Feb 12th
A Kiss(A Kiss~Life~Winter) Poem cynthia A Kiss, Challenge Words, inspiration, Life, POETRY, winter Feb 12th
A World Of Peace (World - Peace - Gift)(Clerihew) Poem cynthia Clerihew, gift, inspiration, Peace, POETRY, Poetry Styles, World Feb 12th
BEYOND THE CURTAINS' FLUTTER Poem palewingedpoetess 2 Feb 12th
Life Isn't Always About Money And Protection, But People Are Sure Making It That Way Poem nightlight1220 4 Life Feb 12th
Imaginary Lover Poem ReilaMorello 3 Rain Flowers Water Moonlight Lover Relationships Illusions Heartache Feb 12th
Doorways of Life Poem ReilaMorello Life Relationships Mindsets Love Mothers Motherhood Growing Up Marriage Age Youth Feb 12th
Son,Mother,Daughter Poem Azjames 2 loss Feb 12th
You look at me like I'm magic Poem ReilaMorello 3 Feelings EmotionsImagination Words Writing Love Relationships Friendship Feb 12th
A Love That Asks For Nothing Poem Silver__lining Feb 12th
On The Night I Need Poem Silver__lining Feb 12th
How To Speak The Right Words Poem Silver__lining Feb 12th
My Life Poem Silver__lining 2 Feb 12th
That Exact Moment Poem Silver__lining Feb 12th
I Won't Be The Guy Who Holds Her Poem Silver__lining Feb 12th
Humble Prayer Poem bishu 6 Feb 12th
Constantly Back At The Start Poem Silver__lining Feb 12th
It's Now Up To Me Poem Silver__lining Feb 12th
They Don't Make Em Like You Anymore Poem Silver__lining Feb 12th
A Million Yous Poem Silver__lining Feb 12th
Change Poem Silver__lining Feb 12th
When Life Darkens Poem Silver__lining Feb 12th
A Year Later I Still City Walk Poem Silver__lining Feb 12th
Losing Something, Still Unnoticed Poem Silver__lining Feb 12th
RIP Cleo (2001-May 10,2013) Poem Silver__lining Feb 12th
Forgive Your Past (Stand Up For Your Future) Poem LittleLennonGurl Feb 12th
THEY SAY Poem liltigg10 Feb 12th
THIS GRIEF MY SON. Poem Dadio death, grief, son Feb 12th
To Inspire The Soul Poem LittleLennonGurl Feb 12th
Mortal Train Poem Akshay_Anand 4 Feb 12th
Life Played Out Poem cathycavalcante 2 #life #pain Feb 12th
Song To Survive Poem GOHIL48 Feb 12th
GOOD BYE SHIRLEY! Poem joy Feb 12th
'No man is an island' Poem hurtandlost Feb 12th
Wife Of Jesus Poem nightlight1220 5 jesus' wives Feb 12th
My angel with a golden heart Poem roseblossoms 2 Feb 12th
Yellow Poem itsthesmallthings 1 Feb 12th
AN OLD GREY MOUSE Poem Sunmaiden 1 Feb 12th
THE SHIPWRECK Poem Sunmaiden 3 Feb 12th
Operations... Poem Atramentous Feb 12th