Selfless Life




As night time grew she'd fade away,

Into the moonlit skies,

She looked for something deeper than 

A soul in someone's eyes.


Stars fallen made the craters 

In the valleys where she dwelled,

And as she flew with lightning speed,

With them she feared she'd meld.


Through time and space velocity

Had wrecklessly prevailed,

The spirits of those fallen stars,

Had pierced her heart with nails.


Unbeknownst to her 

Their bleeding embers fell like tears,

And trailed behind her stealthily

Like long forgotten years.


The Aeons vacuum sucked her in,

Infusing what was lost,

Around the Earth just one last time,

To satisfy the cost.


With open eyes she landed down

Wrapped up in threads of gold,

Looked up to find the night had left her

With a gift that would unfold.


A catcher of the dreams that died,

Of many ages past,

The scar burnt to fruition now,

Her path was carved at last.


The cold and empty hearts in death,

Whose light dimmed from the skies,

Became the light that shone so bright,

Inside of her own eyes.


And night time never was the same,

As old dreams weaved their way,

Into the magic that we see

In children's eyes today.


Author's Notes/Comments: 

inspired by ashes_twisted (and other famous women in history..:-)

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