Monstrous Assumptions


There is many a story about monsters,

Many a song that claim one to be.

But what is a monster truly?

I can tell you what it is to me.


Some say a monster has claws

Others depict a monster as a thing with huge jaws.

Does not a cat have claws?

Does not a bear posses a gaping maw?

They are not monsters

(Though some may disagree),

But a part of nature itself.

And to many, a monster is a bright hue,

Like a butterfly, or a harmless yew.

But what is the point of all these attributes?

To make it scary, yes.

But it goes deeper than that.

What are the claws for?

To tear you down until you are no more.

And the big, glistening teeth?

To bite into you

And dig deep

To where it really hurts.

I know many who do this, but are not quite as bright.

And then, we must ask why.

Why does the monster attack people?

Many animals attack people, but out of fear.

A monster attacks anyone near,

Not because they are afraid

But for any reason they have quickly made.

And the worst thing is,

Many believe them not true

But that only makes it easier

For them to get to you.

So be careful

And this time I’ll ask

What does a monster really do?

Author's Notes/Comments: 

Eh . . . so many people have already written about this kind of thing, I don't feel very original. But, whatever. I still want to know how good/bad it is. (The rhyme scheme isn't very consistent)

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