Monthly Archive for February 2014

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LITTLE LIGHTNING BUG Poem Sunmaiden Feb 17th
THE HILLS OF INVERNESS Poem Sunmaiden Feb 17th
forgiveness Poem lovingdaisys Feb 17th
Grandad's Glass Eye Poem A01190657 Feb 17th
Predate Poem Atramentous Feb 17th
A Daydream’s Portrait Poem eomaza A Daydream’s Portrait Feb 17th
My Grandmother's Knitting Poem Edna_Landois Feb 17th
17 February 2014 Poem shawon1982 Feb 17th
Take the Heat Poem Diamond_Wills_N... 2 Feb 17th
I hate myself Poem joshie 2 hate yourself Feb 17th
Card Game Poem leo Feb 17th
THE PICTURE IN HIS POCKET Poem Sunmaiden 1 Feb 17th
A DREAM' OR WAS IT Poem Sunmaiden Feb 17th
The Chase Poem EvieTravieAllie fall in love, lovers, relationship, stubborn, Young Feb 17th
A Letter to Light Poem itsthesmallthings Feb 18th
Michelle Von Vixen- The Dancing Black Fox Poem Curi-Michelle #Love #prisoner #Tragedy Feb 18th
HURT(PLEASE READ) Poem joshie life hate Feb 18th
My Own Way Poem RoC 4 Feb 18th
A Relic in the Reef Poem Chadical Feb 18th
Dear school Poem joshie School Feb 18th
My world Poem joshie #Dark #Gloomy #Bleak Feb 18th
Kisskedy bird. Poem joshie a bird Feb 18th
Forgiven Poem Desperado Grace love and peace Feb 18th
We Are Not Who You Say Poem LittleLennonGurl Feb 18th
What Gives Me Hope Poem LittleLennonGurl 1 Feb 18th
Unfortunately Poem Sky 4 Life, misfortune, somber, story Feb 18th
the many masks I wear Poem Daniel-59 Feb 18th
IF YOUR HEART IS LOVED... Poem joy Feb 18th
The INSIGHT Poem A.Hassan politics Feb 18th
SMILE OF A CLOWN Poem Sunmaiden Feb 18th
THAT LITTLE HOUSE OUT BACK Poem Sunmaiden Feb 18th
18 February 2014 Poem shawon1982 Feb 18th
Pats Poem Poem workm Feb 18th
DREAMLAND UNITED Poem palewingedpoetess Feb 18th
THE FORK Poem chris Feb 18th
GRADE SEVEN PARTY Poem chris Feb 18th
Unanswered Poem Atramentous Feb 18th
broke Poem kayspoems Feb 18th
getting it Poem kayspoems Feb 18th
Exclusive! Poem Atramentous Feb 18th
Cavalry of Horemones Prose Chadical 2 Feb 18th
Dancing On My Shingles Poem Beyond_Words 1 humorous Feb 19th
In My Life's Dreams... Poem giajl james love, James Love Poetry, Jock Love Poetry, Sharon, Sharon Phoenix Feb 19th
Oblivion.... Poem giajl james love, James Love Poetry, Jock Love Poetry, Sharon, Sharon Phoenix Feb 19th
I'd like to know? Poem giajl james love, James Love Poetry, Jock Love Poetry, Sharon, Sharon Phoenix Feb 19th
Bloody... Poem giajl Feb 19th
Music comes from the soul Poem ArturoGarza #Music #Family #Father Feb 19th
Somebody Else Matters Poem ramonathompsont Feb 19th
Dreams Poem Christina16 1 Feb 19th
My grandparent's house Poem jlgarzag_1 Feb 19th
Women Warriors of The World Poem ramonathompsont Feb 19th
Posionous Mist Poem AlwaystheCatLady Lonely, Mist, posion, relationships, sad Feb 19th
Minus the Self Poem ReilaMorello 3 Civilizations Memories Written Time Impact Society Remember Death Age Vanity Writing Feb 19th
gental breeze Poem pamelasharee Feb 19th
On the steep hill Poem leo Feb 19th
This Place I know Poem roseblossoms 2 Feb 19th
End of the Road Poem darkpool 2 Feb 19th
Cinderella. Poem LovingLovelace Feb 19th
Sonnet #1 Poem LovingLovelace Feb 19th
Tell Me Poem LovingLovelace Feb 19th
Steel and Good-bye Poem LovingLovelace 2 Feb 19th
THE BEACON Poem Sunmaiden Feb 19th
SHADOWS ON THE WALL Poem Sunmaiden Feb 19th
Seattle Dreams Poem Ana.Barbara Feb 19th
THE HOUSE Poem Sunmaiden Feb 19th
LET'S MEET Poem profrksingh bananas, Faith, goggles, Passion Feb 19th
Childhood Poem a.griffiths57 4 danger., enviromental warfare, Fun, Memories, my enviroment, Sonnet Feb 19th
Bullying Is: Poem a.griffiths57 2 annoying people differences, frightening, threatening Feb 19th
The Empty Park Poem a.griffiths57 15 desserted, patiently awaiting next visitors., quiet Feb 19th
I am Poem moondial positivity cosmic magic love Feb 19th
/+/ Hosanna, 4: Courtesy Poem Starward Feb 19th
/+/ Hosanna, 4: Afternoon Report From Joseph's Steward Poem Starward Feb 19th
At An Old Veteran's Retirement Poem Starward Feb 19th
Epigram For A Call Center Supervisor Poem Starward Feb 19th
Execration On My Sixth Grade Teachers, 1 Poem Starward Feb 19th
Execration On My Sixth Grade Teachers, 2 Poem Starward Feb 19th
/+/ Hosanna, 4: After Dawn, 2 Poem Starward Feb 19th
English Minor's Early Epigram, 1 Poem Starward Feb 19th
OLD BLUE WILLOW TEA POT Poem Sunmaiden Feb 19th
Our Rock In Life Poem trumpet7 Feb 19th
When the Brain Met the Heart Prose Chadical 2 Feb 19th
Walk Right Through Poem cdj410 2 Feb 20th
These Worries of min(d)e. Poem Prince1995 Feb 20th
cliches and living in a small town Poem L'exquisiteDouleur 6 Feb 20th
Caffeine Dream. Poem Prince1995 Feb 20th
The Overheard talk between The Mind & the Body. Poem Prince1995 Feb 20th
LSD To ADD Poem Prince1995 Feb 20th
A Purpose Without A Purpose Poem Prince1995 Feb 20th
Pretty Poem humanpulse 2 Feb 20th
I have seen this world (before). Poem Prince1995 Feb 20th
Glossy Residues of Youth Poem eternalpoet1389 love, Mysticism, Spirituality Feb 20th
A Month of Longing Poem eternalpoet1389 love, Mysticism, Spirituality Feb 20th
Killer Imagination Poem Prince1995 2 Feb 20th
I'm Fine... Poem cathycavalcante Escapism pain darkness lonliness Feb 20th
Red Poem RVala #Lust #Rape #Story Feb 20th
Yes, Change Can Start With You Poem LittleLennonGurl Feb 20th
Stay A Dreamer Poem LittleLennonGurl Feb 20th
All Hail Those Who Dare To Be Different Poem LittleLennonGurl Feb 20th
Stream of time Poem leo Feb 20th
Death Poem Sky 2 death, personification, realization Feb 20th
Go For It Poem LittleLennonGurl Feb 20th
Stop Shying Away Poem LittleLennonGurl Feb 20th
Soul searching Poem ADAPT Feb 20th
Never Stop Learning Poem LittleLennonGurl Feb 20th
Helen Keller Poem Mindsue blind, Devotion, love Feb 20th
Change Poem Mindsue change, World Feb 20th
TO BE ALL THAT I CAN BE Poem Sunmaiden Feb 20th
JUST A BREATH AWAY Poem Sunmaiden Feb 20th
Love Birds Poem piyostic 1 Feb 20th
DID A KATYDID Poem Sunmaiden Feb 20th
Stale Poem dennehizzle Relationships Marriage Feb 20th
Thrift Poem dennehizzle Student Money Feb 20th
Hell Poem Antihero 5 Feb 20th
In this dark world Poem joshie #sadness #depression #darkness Feb 20th
The Mad Old Cow Poem joshie 1 cow Feb 20th
Power of One Poem Antihero 1 power Feb 20th
VOLUPTUOUS THOUGHTS Poem palewingedpoetess Feb 20th
Something Perfect Poem joshie something perfect Feb 20th
I wonder what's it like in other planet's Poem joshie Feb 20th
Heaven's Gift. Poem sweetwater 2 Feb 20th
Fulfillment Prose poetiklykorect9 love Feb 20th
Unrequited Prose Antihero # addiction # love #learninlove #theone Feb 20th
Evil Prose Antihero 3 Feb 20th
The silence Prose Antihero mourning Feb 20th
If One Won't, Two Will Prose Chadical Feb 20th
Just My Dream Poem giajl james love, James Love Poetry, Jock Love, Sharon, Sharon Phoenix Feb 21st
Dear Earth/Sincerely Moon:An Open Letter Poem DashingAmerican Feb 21st
Twinkles in the night Poem Morningglory 4 Feb 21st
I Am Me Poem LittleLennonGurl Feb 21st
Dear John Lennon Poem LittleLennonGurl Feb 21st
Because i love you Poem poetic-J Feb 21st
YOU MAY HAVE PTSD BUT IT DON'T HAVE YOU Poem liltigg10 Post-traumatic stress disorder (PTSD) Feb 21st
See Truth (Judge Not) Poem LittleLennonGurl Feb 21st
I Am Limestone Poem nightlight1220 4 # love # dissapointment Feb 21st
Truth Is Truth Poem LittleLennonGurl Feb 21st
Follow The Road Meant For You Poem LittleLennonGurl Feb 21st
Take my breath away Poem roseblossoms 2 Feb 21st
Lost Poem leo Feb 21st
GUARDIAN ANGELS Poem joy 1 Feb 21st
YOUR TENDER SMILE Poem Sunmaiden Feb 21st
HAVE YOU SEEN HER Poem Sunmaiden Feb 21st
Let Yourself Be Free Poem LovingLovelace 4 Feb 21st
THE LOCKET Poem Sunmaiden Feb 21st
19 February 2014 Poem shawon1982 Feb 21st
Fogshroud Poem saiom2 Feb 21st
Daddy War Bucks Poem saiom2 Feb 21st
Tamarind Poem saiom2 Feb 21st
Stop NY Gov Cuomo, , Mayor DeBlasio, DEC & Obama's USDA From Massacring 165,000 Geese, 2000 Swans Poem saiom2 geese rights Feb 21st
Candlerise Poem saiom2 Feb 21st
Stitching Poem saiom2 Feb 21st
Seeing All Poem saiom2 Feb 21st
Sid Caesar Poem saiom2 Feb 21st
Copenhagen Denmark Zoo Kills Giraffe For Lion Meat Poem saiom2 Feb 21st
Snakecharmers Poem saiom2 Feb 21st
Appledom Poem saiom2 Feb 21st
Philip Seymour Hoffman Poem saiom2 Feb 21st
All Are Chosen Poem saiom2 Feb 21st
Tempter Poem saiom2 Feb 21st
Death. Poem Disgusting Feb 21st
Midair Poem saiom2 Feb 21st
A friend - working progress Poem RandomGirl218 Feb 21st
visual sounds of love Poem Fitzgerald 6 Feb 21st
Seabeat Poem saiom2 Feb 21st
Why Boniface Was Canonized Poem saiom2 Feb 21st
Is Willibrord A Saint Poem saiom2 Feb 21st
Drip Drip Drip Poem saiom2 Feb 21st
Life Of A Horse Poem saiom2 2 Feb 21st
Loom Poem Atramentous Feb 21st
For you to find Poem Daniel-59 Feb 21st
What you've made me out to be. Poem Disgusting Feb 21st
Move Poem dontholdmeback jump, leap, Life, move, next, stagnant Feb 21st
From the (inside) <-out-> Poem AirAm Feb 21st
SCARE CROW IN A PUNKIN' PATCH Poem Sunmaiden Feb 21st
YEARLY CHECK UP Poem Sunmaiden 1 Feb 21st
Echelon Poem Atramentous Feb 21st
To Be Free Poem metaphorist Feb 21st
Rescue is Coming Poem metaphorist Feb 21st
It's Just So As, Poem giajl James Love Poetry, Jock Love, Sharon, Sharon Phoenix Feb 21st
A Person With Problems Poem poetic-J Feb 22nd
Pixilated memories Poem observer child, death, loss, sadness Feb 22nd
circle of forced smiles Poem observer Hunger, poverty, smile Feb 22nd
untitled 3 Poem divysia Feb 22nd
It Touches.... Poem giajl james love, Jock Love, Sharon Phoenix Feb 22nd
I'm Weird, #Strange.. Poem giajl Feb 22nd
Human Nature Poem ProfessorD #sad #hopeless #moods #anger #confusion, Human Nature, psychology Feb 22nd
My Compass Poem Bazoora Feb 22nd
Love Lost Poem skyward Feb 22nd
The Same Moon Poem Bazoora Feb 22nd
To Love Poem AlwaysAdieu Feb 22nd
Do You Know What Freedom Is? Poem LittleLennonGurl Feb 22nd
Let Your Heart Be Your Eyes Poem LittleLennonGurl Feb 22nd
Always and Forever Poem AlwaysAdieu Feb 22nd
Multnomah Falls Poem eternalpoet1389 love, nature, Spirituality Feb 22nd
Human Rights (We Can't Keep Doing This) Poem LittleLennonGurl Feb 22nd
Je Ne Sais Quoi Poem schmuckjones Feb 22nd
The Angel's Descent Poem piyostic Feb 22nd
MY DAPHNE: THE ANGEL Poem emmenay A poem on true love Feb 22nd
COMPLETELY Poem palewingedpoetess Feb 22nd
Thinking Of..... Poem giajl 2 Feb 22nd
Perfect Day Poem caltimuslk # love # hope # romance # relationships #personal Feb 22nd
The Hunt -Excerpt Poem caltimuslk Feb 22nd
Gentle Morning Poem caltimuslk # soul #love #heart #head #memory #memories Feb 22nd
Please Don't Go Poem caltimuslk #hope #love #sorrow # pain #warmth # desire Feb 22nd
My Candle Light Poem caltimuslk #love #soul #relaxing #romantic Feb 22nd
20 - 22 February 2014 Poem shawon1982 Feb 22nd
Finale Poem Atramentous Feb 22nd
Right Now Poem Lydiamx3 # addiction # love #learninlove #theone #hate #pity #like #relationship #relationship #firstpoem #new #younglove Feb 22nd
Snow To Water Train Poem saiom2 Feb 22nd
False Shepherd Poem saiom2 Feb 22nd
Spoken Music Poem saiom2 Feb 22nd
I decided Poem joshie decided Feb 22nd
Do Sagittarians Love The Sea? Poem saiom2 Feb 22nd
Unrolling Scroll Poem saiom2 Feb 22nd
FANTASY LAND Poem Sunmaiden 1 Feb 22nd
A Clown can be Lovely Prose Chadical Feb 22nd
35 Causes Of Alzheimer's: Homocysteine In Meat And Fish, Aspartame in Diet Colas, Alcohol, Mercury Etc. Prose saiom2 homocysteine, uric acid Feb 22nd
Blues For My Man Poem AyeshaKFaines indigo, jazz, love, Pain, relationships, romance, tears, Unrequited Love Feb 23rd
The Girlfriend and his Side Poem Jaay Feb 23rd
Vibrations on A Hardwood Floor Poem AyeshaKFaines 2 afro, aphrodisiac, black love, hair, rhythm, romance, sex Feb 23rd
Don't Talk to Me ..... Poem giajl Feb 23rd
Heaven and, Poem giajl Feb 23rd
FAT Poem mauvena 1 Feb 23rd
Will I See Tomorrows. .... Poem giajl Feb 23rd
still find myself waiting for your return Poem Daniel-59 Feb 23rd
Warning Poem Star33 Betrayal, end, lies, sadness, secrets Feb 23rd
Resentment Poem Star33 #Dark #Gloomy #Bleak #angry#love#relationships#hate Feb 23rd
and I missed you so... Poem SSmoothie 2 and I missed you so Feb 23rd
Nothing Is Trivial Poem LittleLennonGurl Feb 23rd
Savor Every Minute Poem LittleLennonGurl Feb 23rd
Diamonds Poem bishu 2 Feb 23rd
Per Diem Poem bishu 4 Feb 23rd
Be Positive Energy Poem LittleLennonGurl Feb 23rd
In A World Of Labels (We Label Ourselves) Poem LittleLennonGurl Feb 23rd
Parents Poem Sky advice, Gifts, Parents, wise Feb 23rd
THE CIRCLES OF LIFE Poem joy Feb 23rd
DYSTOPIA Poem pbenarumairaj 2 Imaginary worries preoccupy our mind at times. Feb 23rd
SONG OF THE SEASON Poem Sunmaiden Feb 23rd
AS YOU DESIRE ME Poem Sunmaiden Feb 23rd
THE CANDLE Poem Sunmaiden Feb 23rd
Spectrum of Love Poem piyostic Feb 23rd
MICHIGAN MY MICHIGAN Poem Sunmaiden Feb 23rd
Godward Octopus Poem saiom2 Feb 23rd
Airy Chambers Poem saiom2 Feb 23rd
Ukraine Peace Poem saiom2 Feb 23rd
Rhythms and Harmony Poem caltimuslk # soul #love #heart #head #memory #memories Feb 23rd
Forks in the Road- Excerpt Poem caltimuslk # soul #love #heart #head #memory #memories Feb 23rd
Payback- Excerpt Poem caltimuslk #addiction #love #lust #player #brokenheart Feb 23rd
Knives and Why I Hate Tiled Floors Poem caltimuslk # soul #love #heart #head #memory #memories Feb 23rd