A Black Star in the Night Sky

A black star in the night sky.                                                             

A metal star hangs above all others,                                                              

Every one below admiring, watching closely, saying

“This is the one to lead us,

For it is the best and highest of us all”


And suddenly—

A new star comes—

A golden star


It sits at he bottom, but soon floats high,

Even higher than the first,

Not having to try to make it to the top.


A darkened star, trying to climb higher,

Leaping in the air,

Crashing into others,

Trying to drag the topmost down,

All the time sinking,

Lower, lower still—


In the end, all stand above.

They mock it,

Cursing the star for trying to take the favorite’s place


And suddenly—

Yet another star appears—

This star,

A fake golden color

Pushes it’s way to the top,

And sends the favorite to the bottom


The black star hates the favorite star.

They sit at the bottom together

Yet the favorite is higher still.


But while the others turn their back on the black star

The favorite says kind words,

And tells the black one

“You can make it back to the top if you try.

You may not believe it, but I do.”


The black star does not believe it.

How could it get back to the top?

The star is dejected and forgotten.


But the star at the top—

The fake star calls down

“Come join me, if you wish.

You can come back to the top.”


The elated star floats to the fake one’s side

Past all the others

Leaving the favorite at the bottom


What joy!

Back at the top!

Oh, how they all love me again,

The black star thinks


But no—

Those below hiss and boo

At the star who has left the favorite underneath.

The star who encouraged.

The star who believed.


The black star looked at the golden further down

“Don’t worry!”

The golden star called.

“I know you can make it to the top!

I believe in you!”



Had the black star not made it to the top already?


Just then—

The black star looks to the fake and realizes

They are not at equal height.

The fake is just a little above.


“May I rise to hang beside you?”

The black star asks,

For are they not friends now?


The fake star looks down and says

“Of course not.

If you come to close, you may push me below yourself.”

The black star cannot believe it.

Why would I do such a thing?

The star wonders

But the angry cries from below

Answer the question.


The black star looks down

To the golden star.

The golden star smiles and says

“I believe in you.”


In that moment—

The black star becomes angry

And it brings itself up to reach the fake star

And it begins to drag the fake star down


All the way down

The black star sinks

Taking the fake star with it


All the way down

The other stars shout insults

At such treachery.

But the black star ignores them.


The black reaches the golden

And the three hang together, side by side.



On the way down,

The fake star had been rubbed against the points

Of the other stars

And the golden had come away

To reveal black


And the black star

Which had worked hard on the way down

Had been rubbed away also

To reveal a golden center



The favorite star says

“You made it to the top!”


But the darker star is not yet satisfied

And lifts the favorite up to a star just a little above.
“This star is your favorite,”

Says the black.

“Take this one to the top.”


So now—

One golden star hangs above the rest,

Encouraging all others below

Leading them with kindness


And at the bottom rest two stars

One black at the furthest way down

And a second golden

Happy were it rests

Still at the bottom,

But having made it to the top.

Author's Notes/Comments: 

My first real poem--I wrote this based off of the idea and symbolism in the 11th How To Train Your Dragon book. So not entirely my idea, but, of course, written by me.

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