Do be my lover.

I your admirer;

Your love I require.

As my heart is a flutter.

With vision's of your caresses.

I swoon with your kisses.

Without you, life is loveless!!

A beat my heart misses;

Whenever I cast you a glance.

My soul just needs to dance.

Cupid's bow feels like a lance.

May our love never go askance.

This enduring and endearing love.

Which must be blessed by heaven above.

Between us this everlasting dove:

Of love and peace, evolve.

Take my hand, heart and mind.

To our mutual love and kind.

With our bliss, each other we'll find.

And with love shall be bind.

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Happy Valentine's day to everyone in love.

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A lovely write, it's so nice,

A lovely write, it's so nice, keep it tight, yes, thats right..Wink


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Thanks for taking time to read my poem, I am pleased you liked the poem and took time to comment too, workm.

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Very very happy V-Day Saint Valentine Ms Anita Madam

Very very happy V-Day Saint Valentine Ms Anita Madam



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Thanks bishu, so pleased you liked my Valentine Day poem and took the time to comment, thanks.