Castle In The Sky

The Rhythm of Love

There's a castle in the sky
Where the fallen come to rise
And the dead return to life
Some semblance of an afterlife
Where time never passes by
And fear is forced to hide

There's a castle in the sky
A place where body bends to mind
A kind of distant paradise
Free from selfishness and pride
Where true hearts and souls collide
In a world devoid of lies

There's a castle in the sky
And true love lives deep inside
I found the castle in my mind
When you came into my life
And now the only choice of mine
Is to leave the past behind

There's a castle in my sights
It's glowing in my eyes
I can see what lies inside
Where the pain and fear combine
And fade out into the night
As you heart bleeds into mine

And here I come to fly
To breathe the love deep down inside
I break free from my mind
To meet you and decide
That I must be there when you
Amidst the castle in the sky

Author's Notes/Comments: 

Random thought that forced itself to be written

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