‘Happiness lies in that which never goes but simply is’



I’m not quiet sure what to make of my tea

Happiness- a word I don’t think I have ever defined

What is it?

Its true meaning has always eluded me

That which never goes but simply is

So he can’t make me happy?

But he did make me happy...

Or was I just happy and he was there?

Happiness lies


So I’ve caught it

Red handed in the cookie jar

Leading me on once again

Happiness lies

And what simply is?

This sorrow

Like I’ve found the one I don’t even believe in in the first place

And he came and went

In the way happiness lies

About how he simply is

Author's Notes/Comments: 

my fav tea has little matnras on the tags

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Love it Dear! I especially like the line, "Its true meaning has always eluded me

That which never goes but simply is" and the comment about tea. (It's so hard to get decent hot tea around here ;-) But I see happiness is a half tamed horse, and is all about knowing you can only rise for so long before you both require some time to look on another, take stock of that last ride, before climbing up for another exhilarating romp. ;-)

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that's three now! 


Tea fixes everything, it seriously is why Gandhi was so peaceful! It's also what I believe makes the Irish be able to withstain such a tragic history...seriouly tea can bring about world peace! You must find yourself good tea to drink before and after serious mountain climbs!


Happiness has to be broke to be tamed???? interesting analogy here....poetically intersing no? 

Much Love


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Oh no Dear! Not broken or

Oh no Dear! Not broken or tamed; spirited but bonded, just tamed enough that you and the horse both have some say over how the ride progresses. Otherwise, it's too wild or too dull to ride day after day ;-)

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:p I could keep being


I could keep being difficult and go on and on about bad imagry a horse brings up....

I won't though because then I will never get off the internets and write my essay :/

Much Love


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Write your essay Dear ;-)


the horse analogy is interesting, in the directions one can take it ;-) might be something there. Need to go riding & let the wind blow the my mind ;-)


about ut all you can find near here is sweet tea (which can be absolutely delightful, even a staple, given the climate) but you right, a good cup of tea in the morning is a wonderful and centering thing! I feel a road trip in my future!;-)

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I did finish the essay, and

I did finish the essay, and did well on it :)

new term now though..so new essays


road trip you say? I am IN! I love road trips! swing by and grab me on your way!

Much Love