Real Righteousness

Real Righteousness

Real righteousness surpasses rules, which, create religious fools,

Those men, who rely upon religion, as they go forward in their sin,

While God’s Law still stands today, God has decreed a New Way,

The Law, by Christ is now fulfilled, as a New Way has been willed.


The way to righteousness in this life, is now found in Jesus Christ,

The Law, was God’s way for us, to lead all people to Christ Jesus,

For no one is able keep The Law; those who try shall definitely fall,

From The Law, now through Grace, Christ all men need to embrace.


The Way, The Truth and The Life, is found this hour in Jesus Christ,

Christ fulfilling The Law for us, is God’s standard of righteousness,

From His teaching to Resurrection, God showed all a new direction,

This for us, surpassing The Law, is God’s Salvation required for all.


The Law doesn’t make one perfect, even if considered God’s elect,

Today all elect come to the cross, as The Lord is calling all the lost,

As The Law points men to Calvary, to God’s sacrifice from Eternity.

The One Who created The Law, Is Salvation, saving us from the fall.


The Law shows our heart’s intent, in need of The One God had sent,

Christ who came to die for all, exceeding attempts to keep The Law;

All must come to The Law’s Creator, as man’s only Lord and Savior,

In Whom all The Law is fulfilled, for our salvation, as God has willed.


(Copyright ©02/2014 Bob Gotti)

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