Long-wave energy gets trapped in the clouds



I’ve always liked clouds

Felt like they could relate to me in some fashion that other beings could not

Like they knew how it felt to be me in a room full of people

Invaded by their emotions

As if they were my own

To sit beside a sad person and watch them get less sad

Feel the storm brewing inside myself

The sudden flashes of light

The loud thunderous bang of voice

The pain of being

They get it


Seeming so beautiful from a distance

Soft to the touch

Intangible in reality

The perfect illusion

I’ve always liked clouds




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Beavis's picture

Oh! I REALLY love this one!

Once again, something else we share ;-)  I have always loved to lay back & watch clouds & ponder and imagine just what other things were happening up there ;-)

running_with_rabbits's picture


It makes me REALLY happy to wake up to two comments from you in one day!

Much Love