Come to me






Come, to me, all who are weary and burdened,



take up your sorrows like fine jewelry



and don't hide them at all



but instead come to me.





I'm bleeding too



and it just goes to show



you're not alone in this world, all abandoned



for I'll be the shoulder to cry on



only come to me.





Those burning tears are like countless diamonds



shimmering, they sing to the night sky



with some sort of ethereal wisdom.



"It's not a sin to be broken."





I too, have walked a path that led to pain.



I too, have lost it all with much to gain.



I lost the smile in my bleeding heart



and parted ways with hope.





But one thing of me did not forsake,


my love remains so distantly


crying out


and singing,


like a lover in the night,


"Come to me."






Author's Notes/Comments: 

The words of my heart, broken, as I listen to the heart of God.

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thisisme789's picture

awws! Beautiful Adam!!!

awws! Beautiful Adam!!!

I felt like crying at your author's note! 


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Awe... after your poem and

Awe... after your poem and authors notes, this is what my heart said.

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