Depression In The World



A depressed person is 

Most often very angry at themselves,

But they are unaware of their anger.


Because of being unaware,

They project their anger outwardly.


Sometimes it is under a guise 

Of strong sexual passion.


Be aware of your anger at yourself.


...Depression is a dis-ease of the spirit.


Be aware of your darkness.

We all have it, but the lack of awareness,

In knowing "your little monster"

Will destroy only you in the end.


Loving yourself is the cure,

And keeping clear of war...;-)

Author's Notes/Comments: 

Funny movies, socializing with people..or even better animals...all good ways to fight depression as well!! Be happy!

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Yea, Nightlight,

The only way to get rid of depression is; one has to have self-belief and self-love rather than having too much of love on anything else., this includes even the one he loves so intimately.  At times 'Come what may' policy also helps to keep of depression.