No Words...

Love and Pain


There are no words for these yearnings


Only a hand can touch the scope of the closeness thirsted for night and day


A thousand poems will not deliver this recipient of my anguish


A million stanzas will not unchain me from this anchor




A jealousy of moments yet experienced


How does one reminisce a love never traced?


A compulsion to peer into a life I did not know existed


A void I did not know intrigued




Let me pour myself into you


Bathe in your energy for just a moment…


Bask in the grasp of your gaze


Oh seer of souls


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Thanks everyone. I just threw this one together. It needs tweaking. I'll do that with fresh eyes in the near future....

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Ooh... liked this Amy! Been a

Ooh... liked this Amy! Been a while since I've seen you around. Nice to see you back. :)

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Angelic ode ...... Indeed He is The Anchor

Angelic ode!! ...... Indeed He is The Anchor.Life's Evenings are scary.Hymns & Prayers do Help.God bless you.