How Long?

Pain in the soul


How Long?


Should I come right out?

Should I scream and shout?

Will you love me if I die?

Will you love me when I fly?

Should I jump and froget?

Should I have a regret?

Will you hate my life?

Will you hate my Knife?

Should I blame myself?

Should I blame anyone else?

Will you remember me when I am gone?

And if so, for how long?

Author's Notes/Comments: 

One poem after a long night.


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Should, will, should, will,

Should, will, should, will, should will; always questions we ask, but never recieve and answer. We all know the feeling.

a.griffiths57's picture

    Oh! to be remembered at



Oh! to be remembered at all. In this poem you have many questions of your love; i hope you and your love find some answers together. This poem lists some acts to accomplish, but realy are the expression of your emotions for you loved one. I thought the rhyming in this poem was accomplished a good read this poem.

DarkLight's picture

Thank you!

Thank you very much!