Sharing Hearts And Valentines






You say you "have" a feeling,

I say it too,

But Valentine, oh Valentine,

These things we feel are untrue.


Feelings are not possessions,

They flow like waves o'er me,

They come and go like salmon and octopus,

Within the deep blue sea.


Life is but a moment,

And we waste so much of time,

Because we hold so tight to feelings,

Anchored only to the mind.


Love is always and forever,

A universal truth,

And human beings squander love 

And make it look uncouth.


All of us are guilty,

We hoard emotional blows,

In ignorance possession of,

What is supposed to flow.


I say "i love you" carefully,

Because I know this truth,

To tell you it without this care,

Would make it one huge spoof!


My love is here today, my dear,

But this is how it goes,

The wind could blow it anywhere,

Like flurries when it snows.


I'll share my love with you today,

Tomorrow may be nil,

And if we make good memories,

We may love for many years still.


There is no guarantee 

On what has not a definition,

So please know of this darling...


Ok?....this poem has met fruition,

Hopefully, it's touched upon cognition,

Love is more than words...hello?











Author's Notes/Comments: 

Love is universal. Sharing love wih specific people is subject to focus, attention, attraction, and many other things. Sharing love is transient.

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Wish me cood play dah big drums and flute Happy V-Day

Wish me cood play dah big drums and flute Happy V-Day from a Viper Krait