Grace During Trials

God's Sovereignty

Grace During Trials


When a trial appears to get darker, God’s Grace has only started,

The grace from above God will send, when we see a darker bend,

Grace ministered by The Spirit, so that bend; we needn’t to fear it,

As God’s grace is always on time, all ministered by God’s design.


Grace that God will always supply, to us in measure from on high,

Grace that’s always timely indeed, there for us in our time of need,

God’s Grace is sufficient for us, as Paul was told by Christ Jesus,

Grace which always helps us cope, for God is our unending Hope.


When we are going through the fire, our ruin is never God’s desire,

As flames seem to overwhelm you, God said He’ll see us through,

When the waters are rising high, upon our Lord we can always rely,

Always sustained by Christ Jesus, the flood shall not overtake us.


God’s Grace comes with a peace, which, in all trials will not cease,

A peace which comforts all of us, those, who trust in Christ Jesus,

Those bought by Christ’s blood, shall endure every fire and flood,

Along with every trial we see in life, as we depend on Jesus Christ.


God’s Grace is sufficient friend, for every trial through every bend,

Through every trial that we face, we will be sustained by His Grace,

Though a trial may overwhelm us, our Lord and Savior we can trust,

As Christ leads both me and you, in a fiery trial all the way through.


(Copyright ©01/2014 Bob Gotti)

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