Deceitful Rain

How deceitful is rain? 

like on a hot summers evening

when the drizzle looks ice cold

but upon walking outside 

you find it hotter than the air. 

Or when the droplets look like satin 

falling gently to the earth

but when they touch your skin

it feels like you'll be left with bruises. 

My favorite is when a storm rocks you to sleep

then jolts you awake with a crash of thunder! 

Rain tempts my deceitfulness as well

because even though a nighttime storm is my favorite lullaby, 

I pretened it scares me to death so that I can cuddle up in your arms

and curl against your warm body, that protects me from my "fears." 


Maybe that's all the rain really wants, 

to be cuddled up and protected…


but then again, how can you trust rain? 

true blue

Nature / Folder 1






that's so true blue...

my favorite color of the sky,

for trust is built with sincerity,

and that is no lie,

love is something we all relate to,

and yet can mean a different thing to us each,

so placing some hope in love alone

makes trust within our reach.


2013 © inspired by stars--- 'trust'



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Trust is a choice,
It is a personal choice,
As most choices are,
Trust can move a mountain,
Trust can break a heart,
Trust can be the difference
Between existing,
And living.

3:41 PM 5/10/2013 ©





Author's Notes/Comments: 


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I refuse to try
and feel your pain,
such an intimacy, gifted,
which each person must
tend to alone, to be lifted
from it's agony, sifted.
I can lend empathy,
bear the weight of the burden,
be the star you reach for,
for I cannot shun, as a child
birthed into sorrow
who never walks,
can never run.
Free as the wind blows,
does also the love that grows,
and being the light,
cannot come to be
without the darkness...
do you see?
Do not be fooled by those
who speak of emotions
they seek, for themselves
is who they cry for,
and it is their own ego
they will die for.
Try and imagine
connectedness and love,
are true in fashion...
...when respect
can come between what
loved ones feel,
and what is seen.
The beauty of life is not to
touch the sun, and run
from the pyre,
for underneath the tainted
flesh we become the sun,
and it's living fire.

Author's Notes/Comments: 

Pain is a personal and intimate experience that is vital to being a light for others.

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Contradictions of the Heart

You are the song that I sing,

The words that I write...

The smile on my face,

The quiet prayer in my heart.


Do you hear the unsung melody?

Read between the lines?

Do you see yourself in my eyes,

My heart skips a beat, overjoyed.


You see my strength

When I show my vulnerability.

I see your dark side

Taken by its beauty.


Could this be?

In a world of twisted reality?

I winced thrice to wake,

But your hands are still with mine.


Standing on the edge of reason,

Fear returns like a prodigal foe,

But happiness is forgiving -

You looked at me...


Love wins.

Author's Notes/Comments: 

28Jan13 – The heart starts to beat once more. 


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Peaceful descendants to madness


      Here i am walking in this darkness,

looking for someone else who dosen't look right through me,

with all these voices in my head,

can anyone tell me why im just so alone,

I remeber when you use to say i could be anyway

now i can't even find you in this dark cold world 

Lost and confused i wonder in this place scream just 

to find my savoiours grace. 

      As i walk what seems to be an eternity i think i see

your face. when i got closer its nothing but a mirror and all

i see is this face, i dont even reconize this face anymore. This face is nothing 

to me i see a horrid person of no remorse of no life or pain.

All i see in this mirrior is me. 

   This descendant into madness is killing me. You use to make my

nightmares go away you used  to say its ok youits not your fault that you can't stay.

now i cant find my way around up, down, left, right, they all look the same to me.

In this darkness descending down too far to tell my way around scream help me

help my sole help this friglechild befor she falls.

      All these voices in my head all this pain and too much dread.

can one little girl take this pain can one little girl keep secret.

So much pain no father to hold her one man alone can ease her pain

screaming so loud her ears start to bleed. Hands on her face with gental grace

a voice so sweet saying its ok im hear please do you fear your never alone in this space

Een when darkness grabs yor heart im hear till your days grow short and our lives are no longer

Bright green eyes open to meet bright blue ones  a kiss to the nose tears fall quietly.

arms wrap her body and peace befalls her every whim. 

Darkness no longer holds her secrets but shes still in a descendant into madness.


Author's Notes/Comments: 

Hope you like it guys <3 Tongue Out

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Alas, these simple moments
as they simple as they seem,
are never simple to the thinker,
ever changing as I dream.

Alas, beautiful nostalgia,
As cold and quiet as a noose.
Leaving most difficult decisions,
yet reminding me to choose.

Alas, loving heartbreak,
stabbing like a shiv,
keep me going nowhere,
yet reminding me to live.

Alas, stupid courage,
as strong as I may seem,
reminding me to fight,
yet advising me to leave.

Alas, simple trust,
refusing me to fail.
always surrounded with these lies,
yet refusing truth to tell.

Alas, self-awareness,
as cold as you may be.
I have something to thank you for,
that thanks shall ever be.

Alas, my mind shall sing,
as truthful as the birds,
when I have a song to sing,
I will sing these simple words

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From a Boy to a Girl

From a boy to a girl,
Containing drops of my heart,
Falling and whirling,
Till they make up a part.

It is the part that connects,
To make up the whole,
The whole is perplexed,
To see the drops that were stole.

Together they strive,
to make up a beat,
the beat then strives,
to push blood to my feet.

My feet begin standing,
(as almost all feet do),
I look down thinking,
"Am I standing for you?!"

"Surely not for you...",
is me initial response,
I figure I can't have you,
and push you from my thoughts.

My thoughts won't die,
my heart won't sleep,
my mind won't fight it,
therefore you creep.

Back into vision,
I cant help but cry,
"Why fall for a girl,
who can't fall for a guy?"

Then for the laugh,
(I could see a cruel joke),
How can she love you,
If you're already broke?

I push my pieces together,
I mend them with glue,
I tape a few holes,
All while thinking of you.

Now a deep breath,
I take a step back,
"well, the glue is still wet,
And the pieces still cracked.."

Yet, all in all I was happy,
for together they stood,
my heart and my soul,
both back as they should.

Stood thinking of my next problem,
until I had an epiphany,
I knew what to do,
To make you see what you meant to me.

I grabbed a few drops,
of this heart that was whole.
I tore off a piece,
of my once shattered soul,

I put my being in a bottle,
marked clearly as ink,
I dipped a pen inside,
to tell you what I think.

What I think is important,
at least I think it may be,
I think that you are feeling,
much the same way as me.

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Do you?

Time for change

Can't believe I let myself feel this way
Normally I'm not like this
I never make mistakes.
I listen to my heart and what it has to say
Cause When it comes to you, i let one thing get in the way
The feelings I have for you
Are more than I can deal
But no matter what
I want you to know that this is real
I need time to plan and make my move
Horrible timing on my part
On the holidays I choose
Want to bring in the new year
With you
We cheers
Kiss and share.
This wonderful time
To start new
Eliminate all our fear.
Can't promise it will work
I just hate delivering pain
Why did I get so lucky with you
How you drive my body insane.
It may not be tomorrow but baby it will end with us
In the end it's going to be me and you
Indulging in each others love.
So just wait take a moment to be
Iv said this a million times before...
Do you trust me?

Author's Notes/Comments: 

Yes! You

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