​Song Of The Stable Boy

On the far away empty island
In that ancient cottage
Veil of the night covers the face of the land.
As you keep looking out of the window
At the moon and clouds making the shape,
like an arrow of foam with a silver bow.
Surrounded by the trance of nostalgia.
And behind the worn curtain,
I secretly am filling all the jars with,
sweet wishes and pinkish desires.
Now it’s time to change the climate of your heart.
It's time for you to turn around.
And make some loud amazement's sound.
As I open the jars,
filled with fireflies.
As they fly spread inside the dark room.
And fill your face with surprise.
So you could fill lightning bugs,
into the lake of your eyes.
Smelling the petrichor after rain of sparkles,
I take your hand and we keep couple dancing.
So I could look into the world,
behind the curtain of your eyes.
All these dreams and fantasies are no ordinary,
but sometimes stable-boy find's his Cinderella.
Because sometimes, "Dreams do come true." 

David Letterman


David Letterman



user img

There is no


better man


than comic


David Letterman



  -saiom shriver-





His self deprecating humor, courage in political stands,


rippleless interviewing, lightning mind, etc.


will be missed.



Deceitful Rain

How deceitful is rain? 

like on a hot summers evening

when the drizzle looks ice cold

but upon walking outside 

you find it hotter than the air. 

Or when the droplets look like satin 

falling gently to the earth

but when they touch your skin

it feels like you'll be left with bruises. 

My favorite is when a storm rocks you to sleep

then jolts you awake with a crash of thunder! 

Rain tempts my deceitfulness as well

because even though a nighttime storm is my favorite lullaby, 

I pretened it scares me to death so that I can cuddle up in your arms

and curl against your warm body, that protects me from my "fears." 


Maybe that's all the rain really wants, 

to be cuddled up and protected…


but then again, how can you trust rain? 

Knees, Knives and White Eyes

Out from back to front

Death-sharp and menacing


Injesting insecticide

All the bees inside her belly will die

White eyes

Mush hide



Electric-hair brush

One exposed knee

Smeared on orange-lips


Hanging Illusions

Truths burrow tight and deep

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Bad Luck

Nature Poems

8' O clock
Knock Knock
Rain tapping
Lightning snapping
Thunder breathing under

Pat pat
See that cat?
It forgot its rain hat
It's a world full of bad luck

Pour pour
Lighting soar
There's no where to hide anymore
Bad luck forevermore

Roar roar
Thunder at my clammy door
Shake me, break me
Give me the bad luck

What bad luck!
I am stuck!

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Cats. Listeria to Wisteria, Paradox 1, Paradox 2, Paradox 3








When they drop a dead

bird at our feet, they

have been hardwired to

do so... they couldn't

help it... but those who

give them only dairy and eggs,

no meat or fish, find them

becoming more and more gentle

(Dogs' optimum diet is vegan.

Cats can be vegan if given a taurine

supplement. When cats are dairy

vegetarians they avoid the kidney

damage and urethra blockage caused

by fish and meat.)




Through time
the compost heap's
goes up through roots
.. and becomes wisteria
and drops to the bottom
the sea's
blood red pfiesteria


those who
have made more
are often the more
tolerant and forgiving
How mysterious that
contain the most

liequid love




The sound of the

woodpecker's drill

is strangely relaxing




The sound of crashing

thunder and then rain

puts some to sleep


how mysterious


Author's Notes/Comments:

Poster wanted to work
in pfiesteria into the
poem.. it is the red
tide .. perhaps the red
tide spoken of in the
Bilbe.. created by
the trillions of gallons
of pig waste dumped into
NC, Virginia, Maryland,
Delaware and other rivers
from concentrated factory
farms where pigs live
in agony, before their
butchered flush causes
heart disease, cancer,
food poisoning, arthritis,
kidney dysfunction etc

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Lightning Strike, Yacht Race





No healing was
prayed for by Saul
when Christ struck him
with lightning
and made him Paul.
The negative pole
of belief
is not needed
to receive the positive
grace of God's All.




He was supposed to be in a yacht race... and was frustrated by all the travel delays.. He ended up missing his flight and the race... and was therefore not on the yacht which capsized during the storm killing some of the crew

Author's Notes/Comments: 

to M O'Brien who
prays for all

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