From a Boy to a Girl

From a boy to a girl,
Containing drops of my heart,
Falling and whirling,
Till they make up a part.

It is the part that connects,
To make up the whole,
The whole is perplexed,
To see the drops that were stole.

Together they strive,
to make up a beat,
the beat then strives,
to push blood to my feet.

My feet begin standing,
(as almost all feet do),
I look down thinking,
"Am I standing for you?!"

"Surely not for you...",
is me initial response,
I figure I can't have you,
and push you from my thoughts.

My thoughts won't die,
my heart won't sleep,
my mind won't fight it,
therefore you creep.

Back into vision,
I cant help but cry,
"Why fall for a girl,
who can't fall for a guy?"

Then for the laugh,
(I could see a cruel joke),
How can she love you,
If you're already broke?

I push my pieces together,
I mend them with glue,
I tape a few holes,
All while thinking of you.

Now a deep breath,
I take a step back,
"well, the glue is still wet,
And the pieces still cracked.."

Yet, all in all I was happy,
for together they stood,
my heart and my soul,
both back as they should.

Stood thinking of my next problem,
until I had an epiphany,
I knew what to do,
To make you see what you meant to me.

I grabbed a few drops,
of this heart that was whole.
I tore off a piece,
of my once shattered soul,

I put my being in a bottle,
marked clearly as ink,
I dipped a pen inside,
to tell you what I think.

What I think is important,
at least I think it may be,
I think that you are feeling,
much the same way as me.

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Do you?

Time for change

Can't believe I let myself feel this way
Normally I'm not like this
I never make mistakes.
I listen to my heart and what it has to say
Cause When it comes to you, i let one thing get in the way
The feelings I have for you
Are more than I can deal
But no matter what
I want you to know that this is real
I need time to plan and make my move
Horrible timing on my part
On the holidays I choose
Want to bring in the new year
With you
We cheers
Kiss and share.
This wonderful time
To start new
Eliminate all our fear.
Can't promise it will work
I just hate delivering pain
Why did I get so lucky with you
How you drive my body insane.
It may not be tomorrow but baby it will end with us
In the end it's going to be me and you
Indulging in each others love.
So just wait take a moment to be
Iv said this a million times before...
Do you trust me?

Author's Notes/Comments: 

Yes! You

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My World

I hide myself like a disguise.
Like a crack in the wall not wanting to be noticed.
What you see is not the real me and never will be.
This is how I survive and overcome the world.
Few will ever know me, and that’s the way I want it.
Why do you care now? Why didn’t you care then?
What gives you the right to intrude in my life?
Like a thief in the night, you look for my desires.
How do I go on like this?
Is this how I will always be?
It is very close to insanity to say the least.
For now I am safe in my world.
This is my world that I create to compensate for all the hate.

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I'll Protect You

I see him walking towards me
I hide myself behind you
You see him
You look at me
"I'll protect you"

I'm sitting alone
He sits down next to me
My eyes show you i'm scared
You come up and ask if i'm okay
I say sure
You leave
I ask you later
"When you need me i'll protect you"

You see me curled in a ball
I'm crying but he's nowhere in sight
You ask me where he is
If he has hurt me
You say "I'll protect you"
I shake my head
I look up into your pain filled blue eyes
"How can you protect me from my memories?"

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Snakes By The Fire

I have been a dreamer, a lover, and a friend-
tonight, I dance with snakes by the fire...
Burning desires that will condemn our souls,
we welcome the night and to the end of what
we were...Innocent Children!
Now we worship the Gods of Rock and Roll; we
are snakes by the fire, dancing, chanting, and
singing songs of praise. The fire does not burn
us or do we die young; we live forever...long
after you die...slithering this earth, consuming
Dreams are distant now, love is UN-timely,
friends are foes, and foes best enemies to keep
close, as they smile at my face; I smile back,
then kill them all...
Snakes by the fire dancing with the devil-
Tonight, I am a snake; The Lizard Prince returns..
The fire we dance by is the world we consume-
rejoice evermore! Trust no one!

Author's Notes/Comments: 

This poem is about trust!

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Lost In Paradise


They’re both relative
They don’t mean a thing
Right now we’re alone
A moonlit dance floor
Rapt in your eyes
Lost in Paradise


What happened
How did we get here
It wasn’t so long ago
We weren’t even friends
Now I can’t go on
Not without you
So caught in your smile
Lost in Paradise


A long drive home
Back road wind catching your hair
Moonlight beauty
Saying she’s all mine
The future ahead
The pain all behind
Your lips against mine
Lost in Paradise


A long trip
But you’re here
In the seat next to me
A misread of directions
The beautiful country
But at least we’re together
We’ll make it out alive
Kill my pride for directions
Lost in Paradise


A day not too distant
White all around
I’ve never been so nervous
Then beauty in a gown
The longest walk yet
Then a shower of rice
I promise you myself
And we’re lost in Paradise


And sometime down the road
Around life’s twists and bends
Two rocking chairs
Surrounded by grandkids
Two old people
Still madly in love
Going to leave for the skies
Get lost in Paradise

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Fractural Pieces

Fractural Pieces

I know it sounds so cliché
But you never took the time to look my way
And now I’m gone, it’s the end of the day
And the only thing left is this song to play.

“I love you”
When said by a fool
That’s what you hear out the classroom at school
There’s no Psyche, Aphrodite
Love doesn’t end well
If love’s just a look, then you’ve tasted hell.

Real love is patient, love is kind
It fills the heart and eases the mind
Love is trust, love is time
And that is why I wrote this rhyme.

Author's Notes/Comments: 

These are just some pieces that I found in my note book, that I never really used except as free standing verse. Yes they sound similar, and have a beat like rap, but they were written at different times in different places, so I grouped them together.

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Love knows no boundaries
When the tears fall
No one may be there to catch them
Unleashed by reins of terror
Love is addictive
Can become abusive
Love can build you up
It can take you down
It can make you forget all the bad
As we pray for the good
Love is a headache full emotions
How can we live in this would without it
True in deed we can fake it
But the true face of love
Can never go unveiled
For God loved us
Love is always within us
Even when we deny our self the pleasure
It still remains in framed
It want leak
It want draw up
It may overspill
But that's just real true love

(C) 2012 cassandra Evolutionsofpoetry covington

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Up Up UP the stairs, silently anticipating your presence.
No sound echoed throughout our house
The turn of the handle I entered our love chamber.

Shock, disgust, anger, your face
her face, bodies intertwined.
Screams, sounds of pleasure, deceit.

I love you. The sound of bells are now miles between our hearts.
Her moans like thunder, destroying our bonds of affection.
Lightning, electricity, dulled out.

Down down down we spiral down the stairs
You say my name, but I hear nothing.
Undressed, undignified, your gone.

I bore into your eyes, the passion is gone, she is gone
Death, cold and darkness crept over your body, I sense your
tremble, realisation struck you.

That tear, that one tear streaming down your soul,
transparency is now upon you.
Our love now a distant whisper

Why her, why her, what did I do to deserve
the guilty flooding through me,
knowing i wasn't enough.

Out Out Out the door, I leave behind my heart
My mind is driving forward, like a train with broken brakes,
Due to crash any moment now.

Author's Notes/Comments: 

This poem is held very dear to my heart.

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