No One To Trust

No one to trust, I know, you've heard this before
they break your heart, then they're out the door
until desperation comes, turning your brain to off
thinking to take him back, again making yourself the dwarf

Even then it does not work, saying this time will be the last
tomorrow again comes, turning you into a depressed outcast
now that you've come full circle, there is nothing more to do
stuck again blowing your nose, with that crying anew

Finally laying down to sleep, committing that soul to keep
you dream of better times, as you count those sheep
why repeat this mistake, learn this lesson once and for all
you can't build a relationship, by picking a guy up in the mall

Your knight in shining armor, oh where can he possibly be
 maybe he got stuck in the mud, and him you just can't see
Knights are found in dreams, and dreams live only by night
if you don't grow up, your situation will always remain blight

Real trust does reside, in only one place that's sound
it can't be bought, and it will never be found
neither swims in the river, nor flies in the air
existing in a true friend, that knows how to care

This wonderful world, what a big place
so many people, and so much space
but to search in whom to trust, your time would be a waste
unless you first focus your attention, praying for G-d's grace

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The Looking Glass

Just a thought!

The Looking Glass

Peeking through The Looking Glass
To forge the distant miles
Seeking hope and sharing dreams
We trade our thoughts and smiles
Some are very dear to us
We chance to call them friend
A special voice within our heart
We put our trust in them
In search of love or just a friend
Taking stock in all their faces
Our time is spent within the glass
To fill the empty spaces
Be thoughtful, true and honest
With your daily search endeavor
And you might find, deep in the glass
A friend, who will last forever

by Barry Anderson

Author's Notes/Comments: 

"Simply about being honest and truthful when making a friend!"

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