…Are you listening?
…Will you obey?
…Do you trust Me?
…Do you love Me?
…Will you praise Me?
…Will you live for Me?
…Will you accept all things from Me?
…Can you live with MY plan for you?
…Will you allow my Holy Spirit to lead you in every area of your life?
I AM always seeking you-even now.
I AM with you-forever.
I AM present at your point of need-FOREVER.
“I AM”
Cheryl Rehaume Togashi©
November 13, 2011

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Trust Me

When you’re struck by the greatest fear, feeling abondoned by your near.
When you’re down I will lend you my ear, my feelings for you are all sincere.
Because you are my closest dear, I will support you it’s true I care.
I’ll send you warmth I will hold you near, believe that in my arms you won’t shed a tear.

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When In Doubt

Promises are made to be kept
To show our love and respect
Dont promise if you cannot keep it
It hurts and does not pay

We both made promises
To forever hold
That we would love forever
And never let go.

We would travel the world over
No matter the weather
That you would be strong
Protect me forever

You said you loved me
And would never go
That we would stay together
Work it out

I have kept my promises
I love you and omly you
I gave you my all
Im giving you my care

Your breaking your promises
You want to be free
Because I cant do one thing for you
Instead of holding on, your letting go.

I know now it will be the end
Your leaving on a whim
I will never see you again
Just a broken heart and promise.

Dont promise me a house
Dont promise me a ring
Dont promise to love me forever
Dont promise me your vows.

I dont need any of it
If I dont have you
Your the center of my attention
Not promises that are not true.

Together we no longer will be
No dreams of you and I
Our love is broken
No longer to be.

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Dance & Dreams

I trust in myself
my future
my spirit
my world

not because I believe myself
so brilliant or original
(well, maybe just a little bit)

But because I've found
that having trust
creates an optimism
A lightness, an energy
which without
I cannot press gracefully forward.

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Future Me

Hey there future me.
This is you from the past you see?
I just thought I would write a few lines
to remind you of who you were in this time.
A sinner you are, but one saved by someone's blood.
Is there really any greater love?
No greater love has a man
than to lay down his life for a friend.
A little confused? Ahh I see.
You had forgotten what it feels like to be
a blind man saved that can now see.
Christ was the one who did it.
Yeah, you were saved by the man named Jesus!
I believe He is watching us now.
Probably both at the same time somehow.
Anyhow, back to the point my friend.
If you're reading this, and feeling down
don't give isn't the end.
No matter what God always sees
whats in yoyur heart every time it beats.
If you've gotten lost then please allow me to lead
I'm pointing you to the cross on the hill called cavalry.
It was there for you that a man died,
so that you might have faith enough not to give up on life.
Now as Im writing this tears are flowing down
the rain reminded me that God will never let me drown.
In ending it's for you that I pray
that if you feel like giving up on this day
look back at me and see
that God will save you, future me.

Author's Notes/Comments: 

I wrote this because I wanted something to look back on when those times come, and they will, when my heart is breaking. It isn't right now, but I wanted to remind myself that no matter what i have done it isnt worth giving up my life for. With Christ, who bought me forgiveness i will someday live for eternity in heaven.

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Old Fashion

Love Poems

call me old fashion but i used to wear my heart on my sleeve ; but ever since u left i no longer believe ; so with my doors lock and my wall back up ; no longer is ur trust backedup ; & without that ur love no longer has my address ; so with that distraction gone i can now focus solely on success ~


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3 Rules Of Love

Unique Poems

Stress da life // stress da love // stressed // wen all dis stress jus comes to shove // 3 rules of love // respect, trust & us // is dat to much to ask for my love // with out no trust there's no respect & with no respect da love slowly fades // all 3 of these rules u must obey // a niqqa get tired of tellin his girl wat to do // I'm trying to be ur man // not ur father too // love can't last on jus love alone // I'm sorry to say but this truth has been shown // so ima take a break from da stress to focus on skool // & trust me wen I say I'm not trying to be cruel // I jus need time to regain my fuel //& baby u will always be my jewel // so jus try to understand where I'm coming from // becuz my vision is set on da outcome.


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people always says

don't trust anyone much

that make you suffer

and we believe it

but we forget that trust 

is the thing in which 

we have to listen our own self

forget other

get our own meaning of trust

cause it is different in different place

and we have to learn how 

we can face it

in restraints situation of a person

we have to trust his restraint 

ignore his ignorance

cause it takes us in a 

path of ignorance

if we have a vigour of bear this trust

then we have also a vigour of break this trust

cause this is life 

where we have to learn these abilities

we have to drink that past faith

which is real for you

but not for others

in my language

we have to get our own

meaning for this trust

not to use the collection of others

cause i believe in my way

and i hope you too

Author's Notes/Comments: 

i saw this thing in my own life that's why i wrote this poem

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Walk on fire

I stood and watched
the fire burn

so many of us
standing around her

in a circle
with our intention of love

burning the logs down
to red hot coals

"Earth my body...
Water my blood...
Air my breath...
Fire my Spirit..."

we watched her respond in color...

so soft and gentle she became
preparing us for our walk...

red hot coals
menacingly broiling
poured along a 15 foot strip of sand
a pile of snow stands at the end

excited I was
my toes nearly frozen
eager to be near the heat
it was 10 degrees

"My body will do
whatever it takes
to let me walk on fire."

"My body will do
whatever it takes
to let me walk on fire..."

what fear?
no fear...
I knew why I was there

Trust! Trust! Trust!
here to learn to TRUST

and what better way to learn
than to walk on fire and not get burned?

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