The barriers between us

electric light in your eyes
vibrant colors blew my mind


the barriers between us wear me thin
like claws in my skin, dug deep in
hiding behind teeth, shielded with a smile
taking my all to breathe
I know i'm stuck here for awhile.


love is like glue
my heart for you
frozen solid in the gap of time
somewhere between the righteous & divine
I fail to reach...
my voice is fading, growing weak
hands are losing grip, holding nothing
you are like a beautiful star in the sky, somewhere up high
lost to my touch
reaching up & getting no where
if I tried to speak would it be too much?


buried in the sand
like every secret
behind a wall
imprisoned inside us


until then i'll wait in this cage
wondering when you will turn the key
when will you set me free..?


trust me when I say it's everlasting..

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not my art)



Cut My Heart Out






I remember when we were kids,

We used to make Valentine cards,

Red construction paper and white faux doilies

Purchased at the 5 & 10 store,

Something about the way that white paste smelled

Made kids want to taste it, and some did,

My chubby fingers never seemed to fit

Those round-edged scissors,

And my clumsy little cut-outs, 

So second rate next to yours,

I'd always ask you to do mine for me, 

But you seemed impatient to do so back in those days,

But after 13 years now, with no return phone calls,

It seems you've developed the virtue,

And the bittersweetness

Of our own blood upon my lips has 

Sparked memories such as this one,

And I try to acquire a liking for this strange aftertaste,

Because I guess I've received what I asked for,

But I'm sure that paper hearts don't bleed this much.


2:35 AM 8/6/2013  © 


Author's Notes/Comments: 

A poem about growing up with family members, maturity, and life changes.


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My ode entitled 'Eating Glue'


Hello people how do you do

I just made some glue

using wheat flour n water

not forgetting the vinegar

needed some natural bond

for some craft going on


of course had to boil it up

and to get rid of any lumps

stuck it in a blender to

get the clumps out of it too

but those blades were struggling

to turn with the bond happening


it only took a few minutes

to get a strong bond with it

now transferred to a jar

will keep for months or longer

that's stored in the fridge

loads of uses for it


then it occurred to me why

ages ago, listened to my guides

and gave up every cereal

wheat is just adhesive material

gave up processed sugars too

with acid, they form a glue


heat from your body boils

like on your stove, but no toil

all a natural process; heating

everything that your eating

eat the right combination and

your insides do glue creation


eat this combination of food

bound to weigh heavy on you

gluing you up like P.V.A

will indeed make your days

harder to live definitely

will drain you of your energy


the moral of this poem is

think what you eat, all of it

avoid foods that weigh heavy

this will lead to smaller belly's

and a more effortless life

the one with minimal strife


cos then you use all your energy

for you, the result more healthy

a body that weighs down

leads to a permanent frown

we are beings of light anyway

dont glue up your future days


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