Mysterious Illusion


You were just a beautiful illusion


A mirror image of all that I wanted


Dangerous and manipulative


My emotions couldn't keep up.


My demons were almost at bay


But you pulled them to freedom


Learning to live with them once again


Blaming you, but I let you do it.


The mystery, all that is you


Igniting something inside me


Something unknown to be


Leaving me to my own devices


Struggling to search for them.


The tools to recover


Suddenly absent they remain


Inside my brain


You, the illusion, maintained.

Letting The Bird Out


Willing at the start

We believed we were ready

But the insecurities came flooding in


Like a bird let out of it's cage

Flying high, soaring low

Damage was being done and I didn't know


Feelings were felt

Confused and without direction

Unrewarding activities occurred


Awkward the days became

Further pushed away

All intuition was lost at sea


When it was new

It was exciting

But there wasn't worth to be found


Freedom was dangerous

When abused,

You could lose all


The unexplored will remain a mystery

Acceptance of that is the key


You are an enigma
Something I imagined differently
You make my heart flutter
And I'm finding it hard to breathe
I wish I could read you
See the wheels turning
I long to fix you
And make you a little less broken
You keep so much from me
As you speak in riddles
Never completely open
At least not to me
When do I give up
And go on living
When do I say, enough is enough
And decide to leave you be
Letting you float on
A mysterious being

Author's Notes/Comments: 

Written: 2/24/2018

A Mystery Called Love (reedited)

A Mystery Called Love (Reedited, original version is reposted below)


Water splashed. ...might be the

mistaken window pane dew 

On that stormy Independence [Day] night that which he hoped he knew—



Just when we waited... expected,

for the fire, shine; 

Later, we then have learned 

that 'tis...'tis a morning sign


If only the world is made for people

who know only love 

We, of course, would never 

have asked what 'tis made of. 

The reposted original, raw/unedited version:

A Mystery Called Love (unedited version)


Water splashed...might be

mistaken for window's dew

On that stormy independence

a night which he hoped he knew



Just when we waited..

expected, for the fire, to shine;

What we later have learned

that 'tis...'tis a morning's sign


If only the world is made

for people who know only love

We, of course, would never

have asked what 'tis made of.

Author's Notes/Comments: 

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Bag Babies


I was seated in a car,

but we weren’t driving.

Mysterious man with me,

Alhireth-Hotep; I suspect Thee.


Bags were on the road,

Babies popped out.

Yes, my mind is weird

but it makes me proud.


I stepped out of the car,

this I had to see!

But a black man with a gun,

was halting me.


I tried to ignore at best,

I had to take the babies

away from this evil man,

and I looked at the bag;

another popped out!

Author's Notes/Comments: 

(A dream I had).

Maze of Love and Life

Love , what is love , is love chershing your loved one , giving your mind , body and soul to them, to give without gaining anything in return or is it an absolute term like the distance between the sun and the moon. Love is life , to love is to live. Without love there is no past , present or future, without the sun there can be no moon, without air their can be no breath . without instinct their can be no survival. So what happens when love fades away? Does our life fade away in darkness, does it vanish without a trace or does it continue side by side with ever lasting lonliness and dullness of the senses. Love is a mystery or is it our history. I shall never know.

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I wish life could be,

Like the ellipsis eternally!

Alas! It is a mere mirage!

A feeling, a vain camouflage!


Yet the very thought priceless find I,

When by the window I look at the sky,

Like the sitting-Buddha I get pensive,

And endeavour my best to be comprehensive.


Thought leads to thoughts in plenty,


Yet afar I am from the one I covet eagerly!

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Pirate Curse


Nair rest the mind eye: trappings 
ensnarement in blindnesse die 
a dialogue here within
read beyond

 Oh when the winds change 
direction no one'evr  knows
the future of the story to unfold
insidious wickednesse or mutiny
n'er retreat but eye for eye

the humble boots man tread 
on the land once fed by the 
treasure gold and blood of red
fortune to be made or lost never
to return

Aye the cheats to fire and burn 
matt'r nought he be on land or sea
may be strick'n wrought with 

Oh damnedest soul of griefe and 
tainted swive 
Beshackle to thee Miss Fortune 
as ye bride.
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My Enigma

I'm tired of hearing I need to be figured out.

I'm not a puzzle to be solved, not a question to be answered.
I don't see you hold your breath and wait for the wind to tell you how it sighs and bends the stalks of daisies
I see you smile as the breeze caresses your hair and cools you on a sweltering August afternoon
I don't see you close your eyes and refuse the stars their shine until they unravel the mysteries of the heavens 
I see you gaze, wide eyed, upon the burning celestial bodies that dot our universe
I see you drunk off wanderlust as the planets silently sing the beauty of the unknown 
The wind and the stars are questions that linger, yet you drink them in without hesitance 
I may not shine as bright
I may not refresh quite the same way
But I am 
And solving the greatest mystery within me cannot win my heart.
Running life's race alongside me, knowing it exists and falling in love with me while acknowledging the magnificence of this enigma I hold
That, my darling, 
will bring me to my knees.