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Verse 1:

No matter how far we are,

I’ll become your memory.

I’ll become your everything

‘Cause I cannot give up

On this love that we share.

You are my reason to live.



‘Cause a life worth living

Is a life worth sharing.

Tell me why you’re constantly playing games:
You’re hot and you’re cold.

But, still, I like you.

I cannot deny these feelings.

‘Cause you’re my reason.


Verse 2:

‘Cause a light came on

Whenever I hear our song.

Like lovers of the same heart:
We understood each other better.

Awkward silences are our thing.

But, with you, is something

I cannot be without.



Whenever we’re together,

I can feel our love

Dangling in the air.

Can you feel it too?

Can you hear my heart?

‘Cause you’re the reason

That it beats for.

Author's Notes/Comments: 

Finding reasons to love your significant other?

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If I talk about my 6 qualities,

they're not really much of an ability.


One of them might be that I obsess over everything,

but that's only because I am very settling.

Second could be that I am good at math and science,

but never could I ever seem to hold an appliance.

Now third comes next, the fact that I cheer people up,

and now that I think of it, it's probably because I'm such a crackup.


Those were my best traits,

including that I am very good with dates;

Yes, the one on the calendar,

I don't need to say the worse ones any louder.


My next 3 include me being annoying, 

because everything I do or touch, I seem to be destroying.

I also want to stop being so insecure,

or that I'm mean to my brother because I want a sister.

I always hate it when my family make fun of me,

so I always seem to be crying, unfree.


Those are all my traits from myself,

the lesson to be learning is to just be yourself!

Author's Notes/Comments: 

I wrote this poem back in 6th grade so I decided to post it here haha :)

Value of Honesty

Value of honesty,

Is like gold truly,

Ever timeless it does remain,

Never succumbs to any pain.


The honest ones are like the stars,

Who keep on working to remove the curse,

Of corruption, injustice and inequality,

From the surface of the earth for eternity.


Alas! The honest ones are few in number,

Yet vigorous they are to make the world a place, better.

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Honest Abe

They say the depressed are less likely to lie

I lie on my back each night


In fear that my day will never come

But my day will come. 

These are not one in the same. 

I can only hope that one day will come before the other

Tomorrow is yesterday

So all days are forever.  

I am Honest Abe 

And I am able to admit

That I'm not happy.

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Honest Exploration

Honesty sits like the carriage

swinging gently side to side,

hanging beneath a hot air balloon.

Only this balloon is alive,

and pumping with hot blood.

An honest person at the controls

will skip sleep to pull that cord

all the night through to get his

carriage over the steep mountains.

At the same time, an honest person

would admit they had met their limit,

and find a quiet beach to land upon.

For a good while each resting place

is temporary, because who knows

what’s over the next hill?

Perhaps one day you will find your

perfect place to rest and settle.

Until then, keep an honest heart

to carry you, and perhaps a passenger

or two, gently over the Everest

that may prove to be the last.

Until finally, you crest over and down

into the bountiful warm windward 

side of the towering sleeping giants.

But maybe you’re an explorer

and you’ll just keep going,

and that’s not a bad idea at all.




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my distillery-a poem about my BP journey

I was a distillery once

Extracting aesthetics and experiences

Some who tasted thought the distillates were sweet

So distinct

And some thought it was too inflammable

But for me it grew toxic

And I abandoned my spirits for another place

Where am I now

What do I do

I am no longer a distillery

The grounds were sold to a different owner

And he tore down my distillery

Pays me in cartridges every month

Besides those I am on a raw diet

I love the wholesome taste of fibrous thoughts

They take their time to pass through

And leach out some of my heat

Someday I will find an engine to plug in to

That produces for people besides me

Till then I must decide


How will I remember my distillery

Author's Notes/Comments: 

the person I mentioned in this poem is not one in particular-I have no hard feelings about being 'bought out.' this poem is to help me move on, and I hope it can help someone else in the ongoing struggle with BP disorder

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I've Lied to you.

Scold me

As I make amends.

I tried to tell you.

She never loved you

You could not accept my honesty

So I lied to you.

Author's Notes/Comments: 

People don't accept the truth. No matter how many times you try to tell them. So eventualy you give up.  And they get mad about it.

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Bastard Vanity

An ugly mirror works miracles with

blemishes on the mind's underside, which

escapes the eye of the subject and its

tendency to assume itself "normal".

Its resplendence surrenders to hours,

days, years spent neglected; glass made sour

by one idle reprieve turned eternal.

Learning to reflect more infernal truths,

it becomes unwanted and forgotten -

left just to glorify the clouding dust

that kicks up whenever a door is shut.

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essences 1

Nature / Folder 1




honesty can, and

has been known

to strangle

arteries of 

bleeding love 

that feed a 

beating heart,

but flowers 

that never reach 

their intended 


only leave their 



to live half 

of  a life 

is like 

not even 

living  at all, 

but  the seeds 

of dying  flowers 



5:48 PM 8/1/2013 ©




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