Monthly Archive for February 2011

Title Type Pen Name Comments Categories Date
IMAGE REALIZATION * Poem palewingedpoetess Feb 20th
JUST GONE (MS. JONZAC_ALMIGHTY) # Poem palewingedpoetess Feb 20th
Overwant Poem jeanpool desire, instinct, love, Lust, secrets Feb 20th
The Moon and More Poem jeanpool balance, desire, Fear, love, Lust Feb 20th
This and That Poem jeanpool daily things, love, lunch, normal things, slice of life Feb 20th
No Words Poem SpiltMilk 2 Feb 20th
LADY BEAUTIFUL * Poem palewingedpoetess Feb 20th
Gray Clouds and Blue Skies Poem AllyBee97 Feb 20th
CALLING LEADERS---AUFRUF LEADERS---GERMAN Poem heatherburns35 Feb 21st
MY ANCHOR--MEIN ANKER---GERMAN Poem heatherburns35 anhcor Feb 21st
THE PATH IS CLEAR--DER WEG IST KLAR Poem heatherburns35 pathway Feb 21st
This time Poem ChandaHealton 1 adoption, pregnancy Feb 21st
Selfish... Poem SoulKritiC love hate Feb 21st
LADY IN WHITE---LADY IN WHITE---GERMAN Poem heatherburns35 lladies Feb 21st
The Middle, You See, Is Where I Belong Poem sanctus 1 Feb 21st
Imagination Poem thelohaspiral 1 Feb 21st
SWAN REMEMBRANCES # Poem palewingedpoetess Feb 21st
No One Is To Blame Poem vilmazab 2 Feb 21st
Little Lady Poem calculigirl03 Feb 21st
Little Lady [Song] Poem calculigirl03 1 Feb 21st
Sealed With A Kiss Poem vilmazab 2 love poem Feb 21st
SHATTERED DREAMS---AFFLICTUS DREAMS----LATIN Poem heatherburns35 dreams Feb 21st
Do Not Be Afraid To Visit Your Past Poem vilmazab 2 Feb 21st
Hapless Hazard Poem Sivus Feb 21st
Lonely Birds, Together Poem SpiltMilk 1 Feb 22nd
manufacture lampshades Poem 9inety Feb 22nd
Mistake Poem pikurpoison Heartache Feb 22nd
The Lock Poem AlejandroBonfil Feb 22nd
Tired Mind (Feb 12 2011) Poem angelicgothfurry Commontary, depressed, introspective Feb 22nd
Under The Painting Of The Room Poem sanctus 1 Feb 22nd
bereft of you Poem robin 2 Feb 22nd
SARCASM'S DIVINITY ** Poem palewingedpoetess Feb 22nd
I'm proud to be an American, Where at least i know I'm free..... Poem BrightEyes89 1 Feb 22nd
relinquishing arms Poem grahf Feb 22nd
gnawed to confetti Poem grahf gnawed, gnawed to confetti Feb 22nd
Halloween Poem clutchforbalance Feb 23rd
Learning Poem clutchforbalance Feb 23rd
Love at first sight Poem clutchforbalance Feb 23rd
Love's illusion Poem clutchforbalance Feb 23rd
Nightmare's kiss Poem clutchforbalance Feb 23rd
Liar Poem clutchforbalance 2 Feb 23rd
A PROLONGED SAGA OF SEPARATION Poem emmenay 1 love poem with an expression of faith in God's Will Feb 23rd
Friends forever Poem clutchforbalance Feb 23rd
Changes Poem clutchforbalance Feb 23rd
Best friends Poem clutchforbalance Feb 23rd
Speak Love with Hands Poem Sivus Creativity, Depression, love Feb 23rd
Strength From God Poem trumpet7 Feb 23rd
Sleeping Pill Poem daydreamingdragon cutting selfinjury calm triggering Feb 23rd
Where is the Water? Poem AlejandroBonfil 1 Feb 23rd
happiness Poem robin 4 Feb 23rd
I do not just want to be in love Poem geneconner2008 1 Feb 23rd
Rina I miss you Poem geneconner2008 Feb 23rd
LADY IN RED--LADY IN ROSSO--ITALIAN Poem heatherburns35 Feb 24th
WHY---WARUM___GERMAN Poem heatherburns35 Feb 24th
A Scene Poem Sivus Feb 24th
COLLECTING--RACCOLTA---GERMAN Poem heatherburns35 collecting Feb 24th
LADY IN RED--LADY IN RED---GERMAN Poem heatherburns35 SOUTHERN-LADY Feb 24th
LADY IN BLUE---LADY IN BLUE---GERMAN Poem heatherburns35 lady Feb 24th
LADY IN BLUE--LADY IN BLUE--ITALIAN Poem heatherburns35 blue crag. Feb 24th
Human Poem Blink Feb 24th
God I am so confused Poem christianpoetry... Feb 24th
God I am so confused Poem geneconner2008 Feb 24th
Black & Blue Poem clutchforbalance Feb 24th
COLLECTING--RACCOLTA---ITALIAN Poem heatherburns35 Feb 24th
FOR PEACE--PER LA PACE---ITALIAN Poem heatherburns35 Peace Feb 24th
LOOKING TO SEA---GUARDARE AL MARE---ITALIAN Poem heatherburns35 Feb 24th
The Long Way Down Poem dac1112 Loneliness, love, Rejection, sadness Feb 24th
Footnote: Bouquet Poem Starward Feb 24th
Footnote: Clarity Poem Starward Feb 24th
Footnote: 35th Year Class Reunion Poem Starward 1 Feb 24th
Footnote: Silent Vengeance, Golden Poem Starward Feb 24th
Footnote: Cosmology, 1 Poem Starward Feb 24th
An endless trip. Poem Shumic dream, Fortune, Life, Old, Young Feb 24th
EVENING ROBE Poem palewingedpoetess Feb 24th
Hello And Goodbye Are Words We Never Say Poem lyrycsyntyme Feb 24th
My Angles Poem babe1233 Feb 24th
WHY---PORCHE---ITALIAN Poem heatherburns35 Feb 24th
Ballad of the moon Poem greenbird138 1 Feb 25th
You Are Me! Poem ladyrea Feb 25th
you wont respond Poem divysia Feb 25th
Nothing's Gonna Change Poem MsBlue Considerate Feb 25th
sisters Poem demigodess 1 family Feb 25th
IN SERVICE TO THE HEART * Poem palewingedpoetess Feb 25th
ALL ALONE---ALL ALONE___GERMAN Poem heatherburns35 Feb 25th
THE LEAVES OF AUTUMN---DIE BLATTERDER HEBST----GERMAN Poem heatherburns35 leaves changing colors. Feb 25th
Hold on Poem clutchforbalance 1 Feb 25th
YEARNINGS---SEHNSUCHTE---GEMAN Poem heatherburns35 yearnings Feb 25th
ASLEEP--SCHLAFEN---GERMAN Poem heatherburns35 asleep Feb 25th
LEAVES--DIE BLATTER--GERMAN Poem heatherburns35 leaves Feb 25th
my pets Poem demigodess Feb 25th
nightmare Poem shadow88d forever lost Feb 25th
Poetry Letter Poem MsBlue Blessed Feb 25th
Ether Poem renaissance633 Missing her... Feb 25th
Ramblings (1) Poem indian_princess Feb 25th
Not this Beast Poem Morningglory 2 overcoming, parasite, shapeshifter Feb 25th
Stricken Poem Morningglory ego, food poison, ill, Pain, torture Feb 25th
My Walk Of Faith As doctors pump me with medicine, prescribed for me by mere men, The Lord my God is at the helm, adding to their staff a Divine Realm, Guiding the staff in my recovery, of a disease a human eye can’t see, As The Lord God works to deliver Poem trumpet7 Feb 25th
Red, White And Blue Poem sanctus 1 Feb 25th
Bullets Poem jerry_joseph_huggins 1 Feb 25th
Kill Joy Poem SpiltMilk Feb 25th
I Arrived For Tomorrow Poem sanctus Feb 25th
I Want To Taste God Poem sanctus 1 Feb 25th
Yellowed Fences Poem sanctus Feb 25th
guess who Poem doyle51209 Feb 25th
THE LEAVES OF AUTUMN---LE FOGLIE D'AUTUNNO---ITALIAN Poem heatherburns35 leaves changing colors. Feb 26th
ALL ALONE---ALL ALONE---ITALIAN Poem heatherburns35 Feb 26th
Our Task At Hand Poem trumpet7 Feb 26th
BROW CHAKRA--THE THIRD EYE Poem heatherburns35 2 Feb 26th
YEARNINGS---ANELITI---ITALIAN Poem heatherburns35 Feb 26th
ASLEEP---ADDORMENTATO---ITALIAN Poem heatherburns35 asleep Feb 26th
THE LEAVES---LE FOGLIE---ITALIAN Poem heatherburns35 leaves Feb 26th
Footnote: Reminiscence Poem Starward Feb 26th
Footnote: Frustration Poem Starward Feb 26th
Footnote: At 52 Years Old Poem Starward Feb 26th
Footnote: Eumenides Poem Starward Feb 26th
left to consort with worms Poem 9inety Feb 26th
THE NEVER ENDING MORNING OF LIFE * Poem palewingedpoetess Feb 26th
Unknown Poem sanctus Feb 26th
Cleared Poem Crisscrossed Love lies and secrets, scared Feb 26th
Hidden Poem Crisscrossed hiding Feb 26th
A PATTERN OF YESTERDAY---UN MODELLO DIIERI----ITALIAN Poem heatherburns35 returning to yesterday. Feb 26th
A PATTERN OF YESTERDAY---EIN MUSTER VON GESTERN---GERMAN Poem heatherburns35 returning to yesterday. Feb 26th
that little girl inside Poem Morningglory 4 coming out, freedom, heart, little girl inside Feb 26th
sitting on your perch Poem Morningglory forthright, promise, RESPECT Feb 26th
A dreamer's dream Poem clutchforbalance 1 Feb 26th
IN TRUE ADMIRATION OF THE RUBAIYAT Poem palewingedpoetess Feb 26th
Immortal Roots Poem Morningglory 3 morning glory, stranglehold, thrive, weeds Feb 26th
To My Perfect Paramour Poem MatthewWayne 5 Paramour Feb 26th
An open road Poem MatthewWayne 1 Lost Confused Alone Feb 26th
Doreen Poem strangelittleboy Feb 26th
Mionghaire Poem strangelittleboy Feb 26th
WAKE-UP HONEY---WAKE -UP MIELE---ITALIAN Poem heatherburns35 honey Feb 27th
sometimes Poem WillowLady 2 and still believing in, love, on waiting for Feb 27th
the morning bed Poem WillowLady 1 living in love Feb 27th
Warm Embrace.. Poem workm Feb 27th
Trusting Heart Poem crag30 heart, Pain, Trusting, Wounds Scars Pain Sorrow Lies Love Hurt Feb 27th
WEAVING MAGIC---WEAVING MAGIC---GERMAN---QUATRAIN Poem heatherburns35 weaving magic Feb 27th
WEAVING MAGIC--TESSITURA MAGIC--ITALIAN--QUATRAIN Poem heatherburns35 weaving magic Feb 27th
OUR LOVE---UNSERE LIEBE---GERMAN Poem heatherburns35 amor - love Feb 27th
Strumming of the Midnight Wind Poem sanctus Feb 27th
OUR LOVE---IL NOSTRO AMORE---ITALIAN Poem heatherburns35 amor - love Feb 27th
kdfaj;lsdf Poem indian_princess Feb 27th
A BRISK WALK IN BELL BOTTOMS * Poem palewingedpoetess Feb 27th
A stack of papers Poem indian_princess Feb 27th
Where Our Eyes Meet Poem dakota Feb 27th
HEAL TO TWINE * Poem palewingedpoetess Feb 27th
(Song) You Can Change Poem bountyhunter0001 Feb 27th
Crystal Ball Poem sanctus Feb 28th
Willow Love Poem WillowLady 2 New Love Feb 28th
Feelings 4 u :) Poem ripnter 3 emotions, feelings Feb 28th
A VEIL--UN VELO---A---SPANISH Poem heatherburns35 a veil Feb 28th
Big Apple Bight Poem 9inety Feb 28th
WHILE YOU WERE SLEEPING * Poem palewingedpoetess Feb 28th
A HEART---EIN HERZ---german Poem heatherburns35 a heart Feb 28th
A POET---EIN DICHTER Poem heatherburns35 great poet Feb 28th
A TREE HOUSE---EIN BAUMHAUS---GERMAN Poem heatherburns35 tree house Feb 28th
A WALK---SPAZIERGANG---GERMAN Poem heatherburns35 walking fear scared Feb 28th
TRUE PEACE INITIATIVES Poem palewingedpoetess Feb 28th
YOUR SWEET PERFUME----IL PRO FUMO SWEET---ITALIAN Poem heatherburns35 perfume Feb 28th
Mobius Amphibious Poem Sivus Purpose Feb 28th
incapable of healing Poem Morningglory belief, Faith, healing, little girl, manifest Feb 28th
this fear Poem Morningglory 2 Darkness, Fear, shadows Feb 28th
God of The Bible Poem trumpet7 Feb 28th
Magma Poem WillowLady 1 New Love, new passion Feb 28th
TICK TOCK Poem WillowLady 1 the end of a relationship Feb 28th
Rain Poem WillowLady 4 Secret Love Feb 28th
Mannequin Love Poem WillowLady love, Passion Feb 28th
If Poem WillowLady 4 love Feb 28th
Color of Her Eyes Poem AlejandroBonfil Feb 28th
With The Midnight On The Way Poem new_wave_franky love song Feb 28th
Just One Heart To Another Poem new_wave_franky love song Feb 28th
That Is All My Eyes Can See... Poem Avantgarde 4 Feb 28th