Warm Embrace..

Your warm embrace and your kiss..would be sweet..just like this..

Like your love..that you send..loving you..to the end..

Yes, the kiss..to your lips..feel your breath..I won't rest..

Its the passion..that I taste..wanting more..I never waste..

My affection sanctifies..loving you..I dont lie..

Like your lust..its the trust..taking you..is what I do..

Kissing you..all around..up and down..this I found..

Having you..all the way..my love is big..it will stay..

Deep in you..till Im through..I won't stop..loving you..

Take me in..you will see..all of me..it will be..

My hot love..it will spill..filling you..that you feel..

You in ooh..I let go..hold me tight..love me so..

This you see..let me be..giving you..all my seed..

I won't stop..loving you..I give my all..is what I do..

This is me..its how I am..loving you..to the end.. 

Your warm embrace..that I case..all of you..I will do..

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