Feelings 4 u :)

I remember the first day that I met you
a warm tingling sensation filled my heart,
and now that I know you just a little bit more
I wish we were never apart.

Your presence fills the kitchen with cheer
and keeps me smiling throughout the day,
that is why I make this wish
to hold you in my arms and be swept away.

To me your very special
in every way that there might be
It's not just your beauty from head to toe
its the warmth of your hands touching me.

So I brought you this breakfast,
just a little something I can do for you.
I wish I could give you more,
in time I will, beleive me, because its true. 

Author's Notes/Comments: 

Hey All,   I've never written a poem in my life.  I met this lady a couple of months ago at the establishment I got a new job at.  She was my trainer and now we work side by side.  She is the most caring, sweet & beautiful women that I ever met(and i'm 47).  I know there are more than friend feelings between us because we both take time each day to make each other happy.  I want to bring breakfast in for her & attach this poem to it.  Like I mentioned b4 i'm not a poet & need your advice if you think its good enuff to give her. 

                                Thanks, Ripnter

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for a person that has never written a poem this one is truely amazing

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Thanks,  Is there anything

Thanks,  Is there anything you would change or add??
i want this to be truely special to her

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keep it the way that it is because it was your first i am sure that she will understand just like the rest of us it is truely a beautiful peice