Our Task At Hand


Our Task At Hand

If only more men could see, it’s not about down here, but Eternity,
But, Satan has blinded many eyes, to the Truths, he does despise,
As their heart he begins to deceive, like he did with Adam and Eve,
Questioning the very Word of God; fixing minds on the earthly sod.

For believers our job down here, is to make Gods Truth totally clear,
While fulfilling our primary role, as God moves on the wayward soul,
Being the light, which God requires, becoming all that Christ desires,
As God gives others spiritual sight, piercing darkness with His Light.

God works through the Holy Spirit, while we witness and they hear it,
Bringing light to God’s Revelation, focusing eyes upon His Salvation,
Today, believers must understand, the end for many souls is at hand,
And they will only have Eternal Life, through God’s Son, Jesus Christ.

The Truths that God put in our heart, to unbelievers we need to impart,
Knowing that The Holy Spirit is able, to change even that hardest fool,
And it’s The Lord God’s sole desire, to save all souls from eternal fire,
Through Christ’s redeeming sacrifice, providing all the way to Paradise.

All who continue believing Satan’s lie, apart from God will eternally die,
And o they must embrace God’s Truth, to avoid God’s eternal reproof,
So our task today is to lead all men, to Jesus Christ, to be Born Again,
Born from above into God’s Family, and granted life with God eternally.

(Copyright ©02/2011 Bob Gotti)

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