An open road


An open road

Trapped by the walls of this hour glass,
watching the sand rush down, watching the time pass
Insomnia subdues the mind, tackles the man
and dreams become elusive taking me by the hand

Lost within the woods, give me hope, give me reason
dropping to my knees, oh god what have I done
I have lost my faith, watched as they stripped it all away
clinging to that last whisper you placed in my ear
the lies, the deceptions are now all that I can hear.
I live in this shroud of guilt, this hellish prison I've built
I watch as the universe decays, this circle of life as we live our last days
breath, for tomorrow it could all be over
and live, for tomorrow you will grow that much older

I have sinned, and I have made mistakes
I have even lived with thieves, and ate with snakes

I have traveled down that open road,
where the living and the dead break tide,
you will find a man on the brink of suicide

I am a free spirit, a wandering Nomad
taking charge of my life by my very command.

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love the way your mind operates

your thoughts resonate with me in so many ways

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