owing to
such marvelous ineffectuality
so few
come to terms
with the locating of that brier
beneath their own sore saddle
ah but thy and I
we have morphed ourselves into
the very essence that leads
one's all
to become
ace locators
that have shed too
an awfully bothersome bridle
be it by
ill placed ideas or words
shoved into our mouths or
whether after a grimace or a tear
with a faint trickle of inspiration
we happen upon the much
required answer
or mere suggestion in verse
and down the ego is brought
humility is an implement of the soul
and grace her lovely 'Evening Robe'
she wears with the clever muff
of a well seasoned brain
with which to cajole
for without the two
along with the loan of some
deeper insight
lending itself to the attic of the mind
would or would we not be
little more than
animals who could talk
a clever recreation
most certainly 
but nary the heir apparent to
coarse beings that consider themselves
the mirror image of God
in imperfect mortal form.......................
(Feb. 24, 2011 1251am)


Author's Notes/Comments: 

how without our souls and egos and language and skills of interaction we would be little more than animals that could talk and how some do seem that way. They live without thinking or considering others and trying to get in touch with their 'higher selves' perhaps they even believe there is no higher self but just that body they have and brain that operates it.  Similar to the concious and unconscious person.

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