God of The Bible

The Word of God

God of The Bible

God’s Word was sent by inspiration, every word of God’s Revelation,
If you say He didn’t inspired the Bible, you friend will be spiritual libel.
For God of The Bible, and only He, sent His Son to both you and me,
If you don’t know God of Scripture, you know one, of another picture.

God sent His Son a propitiation for us, God’s Only Son, Christ Jesus,
As a perfect, bloody atoning sacrifice, so sinners may enter Paradise;
We can only see The Father by Him, Christ, who alone paid for our sin,
For God placed our sin on His Son, paying that full price for everyone.

The Scriptures are God’s Authority, from the beginning through eternity,
As men change, God changes never, and God’s Word endures forever,
It’s important to heed God’s Word, before God’s Judgment is unfurled,
Yes, God is Love, but He’s also just, and so God’s judgment is a must,

We have the word of prophets of old, to know how the end shall unfold,
With God’s Word made more certain, we know all about the final curtain,
Men would do well to heed the light, to be saved from the coming night,
To know God’s Word as we hear it, is the enablement of The Holy Spirit.

From The Word of God we must heed, Eternal Truth which all men need,
The only Truth which leads to Grace, when God’s Truth men do embrace;
However, if God’s Truths you refuse, do not expect to hear Good News,
As you will be separated from God, for all eternity after leaving this sod.

(Copyright ©02/2011 Bob Gotti)

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