i was walking alone in the street
hoping,thinking whether i will meet
the person whom i seek today
whom i wanted something to say

i was doubtful whether she will come
but still i am not ready to return
and there she was standing at the corner
near the lamp postwaiting as i went towards her

her eyes were violet her lips so red
her chestnut hair fell on her beautiful forehead
her hands so dainty,her face so calm
in those eyes i could feel her charm

it was in a noon when i first saw her
she smiled at me with a glitter
then,she moved swiftly and disappeared
i rushed after her and i feared

that perhaps i will never again meet her
perhaps her memory will become fainter
but the Almighty had something else in His mind
of which i came to know as soon as i turned behind

there she was looking at me beholding me
i was stupified and jumped in spree
she greeted me and held out her hand
"your money bag,it fell near 'Stables Grand'

i took it from her as my excitement grew
i smiled blankly at her and said "thank you"
she was about to turn when i caught her hand
and asked"can we meet again if you don't mind?"

she again smiled at me and nodded her head
and we arranged for a meeting in the bar at Hampstead
and now and then we used to go out
together in our off days in and about

and our friendship grew as days passed
i understood my heart was already hers
but i feared to tell her
my feelings that grew stronger

finally it was too much for me bear
i decided that its time to tell her
now ,i am here standing before her
she looks at me like she did earlier

"do you know why i called you?"i addressed
her eyes told me she could guess
"look at my eyes what do you see?
don't you see they are not anymore free
you have captured them with your smile
you have caged me awhile
my heart is no more mine
without you i am no more fine
so will you?will you be with me?
forever ,eternally,as long as you can be"

she again smiled at me and came near
"the same is with me inside here"
and as soon as i heard her saying that
i knew ,i have got all that i required

i took her in my arms and smelled her scent
i embraced her and off together we went
for a future that is awaiting us, enthralled
i felt as if i am the happiest man in the world


Author's Notes/Comments: 

its a romantic poem .please !tell me how was it please!

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please will anyone tell me

please will anyone tell me how my poem'happiness' was?

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I LOVED IT! its really unique

I LOVED IT! its really unique and beautiful, the way you describe her makes me falll in love! you seem very devoted :) happiness is the appropriate title i would say

~Grass is green~ <^>

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thank you so much for reading

thank you so much for reading my poem.
i am really grateful to you.can you please read my other poems and comment on them ,please?
and i am adding you as a friend.

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please please i request all

please please i request all of you present online tor read my poem 'happiness' .i want to how it was?
so please write some comments!!!!