Do Not Be Afraid To Visit Your Past

I am so sorry, when I visit your past,
It's never my intention, or even a contention,
I merely write poems, poems from my heart,
not knowing that, I touch a soft spot.

You cry when you read,
poems that I share,
saying that it is, your story that I tell,
and I am touched to the very core,
because happy or sad, a remembrance is told.

Don't be afraid to visit your past,
they are reminders and we should be glad,
memories so varied, not all are that bad,
you'll be surprised, happy thoughts are in stacked.

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robleza's picture


its been such a success to remind of our past and realized that we have overcomed and learned from it already :D

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don't be afraid

In reviewing the past, there will always be happy and sad
the key is to sort out the good from the bad. remember the
good, forget the sad...We are the product of where we have
been...Life is a learing school..with us we take the lessons
from life, and move on...this is a good one...signing off, h.