Big Apple Bight



when the tawny marsh is wet and muddy water rushes into the Bight

these waters once  teeming with various cherrystone and littleneck

 this Bay once so full of life is choked by mud and muck

right along the old Whale creek  all the way down to Beacon Hill

lost to the cause its shoreline wanders back and forth out by the Hook

white quartz pebbles of orange stain they love their yellow glint

and all of it is and for eons has been like never ending rust

now go up stream to the head water and see the  old piling rot

across the North Shore and out to the Narrows where it flushes out to sea

the transient sky so grey and the great skyline is not so far away   

inward valley torn out of memories will anyone read these words








Author's Notes/Comments: 

Raritan Bay is part of the greater New York Bight

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