The Middle, You See, Is Where I Belong

Unpublished pieces

The middle, you see, is where I belong.
I'm scared of the right.
The reactionary paranoia
                                   that seems to
                                    fuel them
                       makes me wonder
                              where are their hearts?
I'm scared of the left.
The throw it all out and begin
                                      again mentality
                                      troubles my spirit.
                                  Surely not every baby
                                    must go out with
                                                 the bathwater?
I stumble through life
                    facing one position or another.
Careless hands pushing me to
                       select an attitude to be.
Day turns into night.
Night turns into day.
I wonder why we must all
                                    build such lofty walls
                                        around one another.
Why talk but never listen?
Why love but never be loved?

The middle, you see, is where I belong.
Call me a centrist if you must have a name.
Call me a jerk.
Call me any label you
                                  feel is appropriate.
Just leave me in peace with your
                                   right/left fantasies.


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heatherburns35's picture

this is the way society has

this is the way society has forced us to be...
build lofty walls and live a day dream....

Thinking about your poem....Enjoyed it...