This time

This time around,
I will be the mom I wanted to be. 
I'll be there for all the milestones
I'll leave behind the years of bitterness and learn to be happy.

This time around
I'll be the one to dry the tears,
Watch as you grow bigger each day,
Calm all of your fears. 

This time around,
I'll watch as my baby learns to walk.
I'll catch her if she falls,
I'll be there when she learns to talk.

I'll be there the first time she goes to school,
I'll be there when her heart breaks for the first time around,
I'll be there on her wedding day,
And I will be there should her dreams come crashing to the ground.

And someday I mwill tell her of her sister who has always crossed my mind,
I'll make up to her all the things I couldn't do for you,
I'll give her all the love I saved in my heart.
I'll be the mom I always wanted to.

And this time around no one will take my baby away and tell me I can't be it's mom.
No one will tell me I am too young to try,
This time around birthdays will be happy times of joy and love,
Never a time to morn and cry.

Almost 17 years have passed,
And always you were in  my thoughts never far from my mind.
I loved you then, I love you now,
But this time around I won't be so blind.

I love you my daughter I gave away,
I have lived with so many regrets and tears.
I never believed I would get another chance,
Now, this time around, with the new baby growing inside me, at last I will make up for all the lost years.


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