Lonely Birds, Together

The blue, black swallow swims in the cloud. 
Choking and searching for a way out. 
Each curve of the atmosphere makes another bump in her journey. 
While crying for help,
her wings weaken,
and her feathers depart. 
While the rain pours on her,
and her tears are hidden,
She becomes blind,
Yet wiser. 
As the skies thunder and scream,
She becomes deaf,
Yet calmer. 
But as the days go,
And as she loses hope,
She feels another swallow. 
He is red,
And deep,
And as dismantled as she is. 
Though they are blind, and deaf, and lonely,
They trust what they have. 
Wings together,
They slowly descend to the ground, 
And rest in a tree with no leaves. 

Author's Notes/Comments: 

I tried....like I said.. I'm not very good with words when it's something I really care about. So yeah, this sucks :P

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AlejandroBonfil's picture

Thank you :) it actaully

Thank you :)

it actaully made me cry when i read it again