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I go to the best school ever, Jefferson County Open School, otherwise known as JCOS. I'm 16, I dont tend to be liked because I'm too honest for people, and they just get butt hurt too easly.
Thats okay though, I dont tend to like people, I have a few friends that I hold close to my heart, I would do anything for them. We are called the Alley Cats, the name is because we all go out to the alley behind our school to smoke. We are classfied as stoners, and although they dont know it I have many,"nicknames" for each one of them.
I have lived with my grandmother since I was 4 months old, and I will always look at her as my mother, until feb 12 of 2010 I hadnt met my bio mom, but me and my two sisters met her. It had been 16 years.
I love to write, I'm more into Slam poerty but as long as I have a pen I can stay sane, it helps because I enjoy too hurt myself, and apprently a lot of people thinks thats bad so they, "help me" and wrieting is a good way to, "vent" the emotions I have. But I honestly dont see a prolbem with hurting myself, it kepps me from doing meth or some shit.
I fairly sure that no one truly cares about the short history of my small life, but It said about me so I just went from there. If you read this, I'm sure you care about as much as I do, and I dont give a flying fuck.

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Its round. I think its pointless.

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"Look then into thine heart, and write! yes into lifes deep stream! All formsof sarrow and delight, all solem voices of the night, that can soothe of afright- be these henthsforth thy theme."
~Henry Wadsworth Longfellow


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