I suspect
greatness stands
with me in this room
just as goodness itself
is a worthwhile endeavor
in each other
we must work to further exhume
impervious are these bones
at which thine perceived enemy
throws his stones
but only when standing in defiance
to counter conflict their purpose
for destroying what another in
himself would rather choose to atone
for more mysterious reasons
all his own
caustic can be the fluctuation of
individual purpose and point of view
perpetual suspicion should be
side stepped
for the olive branch hand to reach out
in true inquiry
ignorance and wrongful assumption
are dangerous components
to a swiftly globalizing world
the bonds of mutual cooperation
generate ribbons of reinforced trust
and inter connected
far more personal collaboration
and it is on these newly sewn
hallowed grounds
that real men rise to lead
and their timid followers
find the strength within themselves
to adjust
to the laws of a new world order
that of
'True Peace Initiatives'................
(Feb. 28, 2011 521pm)


Author's Notes/Comments: 

What I imagine I would say if I had the chance to address the ful body of The United Nations.

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