manufacture lampshades

Hyacinth garden

looking for waves

hundreds of new waves,

on behalf of futures

manufacture lampshades

the paper,

rounded and wired

soft silk circles

wide at the bottom

narrowed at the top

drive mad cold,

drink night down,

like shot of green liqueurs

elaborate piano language,

from indigo painters

to the proud sunny boxers,

cream pity on the dream

purple cold south, in search of fact

condensate day old clouds

You and Gertrude screw the frosted green dawn

like smoke, half in a dream, on behalf of the clouds,

You stopped buying flowers, while also laughing at ice in summer,

a dream in a song

cold flowers satisfaction,

hope will find pregnant a "mystery of singularity"

 along with the inconvenient poetry struggling to find rain interested in clouds

Author's Notes/Comments: 


attempt at homage to the late "great" Mina Getrude Lowy

an artist so far ahead of her time it is still


Mina Loy (1882-1966)

Human Cylinders


              The human cylinders
              Revolving in the enervating dusk
              That wraps each closer in the mystery
              Of singularity
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