Strumming of the Midnight Wind

Unpublished pieces


She arrived with the strumming
of the midnight wind.
Approaching with gyrating fury
upon the emblem of rejoicing.
Would we dance together?
Or would we make love with
the erection
of deceiving?

I create this storyline in my mind
as I lay naked under the covers
waiting for you.
Frankincense soaked incense
fills the symbols of
Let’s create together, you and I.
Let’s shape and fashion
ourselves into
unfathomable clouds.
We can languish in the blue sky.
Selectively alone in our sharing.
I’ll touch you with the
emergency of longing.
You’ll reply with the caution of

Yes, let’s dance, if that is what we are to
call it.
Let’s serenade and promenade our
footsteps as we
shape and recreate
strumming of the midnight wind.

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