such outpouring of pure observation
how so clearly your language
you unfolded in the words
releasing emotion with much focal intent
with your careful dramatizing of everyday
quite mesmerizing is your weave of
abstraction into the timeless mosaic
of the common theme
so utterly simple in its brilliance
pride rideth a tempered steed
stamping an entire nation
with smiles of joy at the thought
of their wide minded native son
humble poet sharing his joys
of pitting man with and against
the wonder of the most Holy Ones
as with sweet breath the parables
you postulate
dainty grains of love spewed
dousing the earthly boulders
of man's ignorance and hate
revealing in such worded wake
the fallacies of disgruntled inhumanity
steering the gutted cluttering clear
making way for that golden silence near
laughing at man in all his ape age
antics of
posturing as he is so foolishly
looking at much but truly seeing
so very little
from the mental gem mine we
call today a far seeing troubadour
of his eyes' gentle gaze
while from
his palms
priceless gems
he to the world
prominently displays
for those who can
to see them
admire them
emulate their glorious wisdom
but waste them not
in futile fits of rage
for those that are left
seeing sunsets with bitter eyes
he hides many a glorious forest
with the careful planting of his
industrious trees
a special view though he offers
to those who care deep enough
to more minutely from deep
within themselves outwardly see
man is more than his mere thoughts
and all his unstable wants
beneath the dying flesh and bone
he is the navigator of
an irregular prototype
with an off putting knack
to spin around him
much inferiority
as near glacial around him
a limited world he too often sees
but blessedly not all
men that God forms
and sends
possess such a kaleidoscope
image of the world as she is
some are uniquely blessed
with undamaged foresight
a clear binocular like ability
he recognizes
within to guide
his sight fractured brethren
and when we follow our guts
and goal ourselves to trust
gems to the world we too
further to provide
this I in turn learned
from the bountiful quatrains
you left as bread crumbs
for the world to find.........................
(Feb. 26, 2011 132am)


Author's Notes/Comments: 

inspired by reading an English translation of Omar Khayyam's poem

'The Rubaiyat' written in the year 1120 sent to me by a philosophical Iranian student. Iranians are quite proud of their Persian son.

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